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  1. Most of the major medical schools and medical research centers have large, full scale research sites exploring the many types of stem cells and the areas of the body that can be treated. Mayo, Stanford and many others have such centers. These are highly respectable, long-standing institutions and they aren’t making profits from the research. I did not find the article above to be scientific or even handed. It was a critique citing no reference or particular research studies. I have a Ph.D. and worked in a large research institute at Indiana University early in my career so I gave some idea of how well designed, legitimate research is done. As such, I did a review of the scientific, peer reviewed research articles, including a meta analysis. I found that for joints there is real promise. It is crazy to inject someone’s brain with stem cells! But the research on application for joints is growing rapidly. I recently received these injections in both knees and am awaiting the results. I have a wonderful pain doctor who is not into medicine “for the money.” While many providers out there are charging thousands of dollars, he charged me $800. for both knees. Truly, he is not a “for profit” physician, a rare inspiration in medicine. Beware of broad, sweeping articles. Instead focus on the particular area you need help for. Do Google Scholar searches, etc. and only look at the actual research, the particular type of stem cells and the actual statistics and findings. You have to dig deeper. Yes, it’s true that it will take years to determine the longterm outcomes, but my knees hurt now and I am facing surgery if this diesn’t Work for me. I decided for $800 it was definitely worth the possibility of avoiding surgery which has much higher risks, is much more expensive and requires long term healing. Good luck and don’t be turned off by the big, for-profit centers. There is a sports medicine center at the university in my city and one of their orthopedic surgeons is using it for joint treatment. Just stay open and do well defined research. Good luck.
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