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  1. Just yesterday, Dr Monica Luquin of Dermika, tattooed beautiful eyebrows for me. She was very delicate, artful, quiet, focused & respectful ~ and knows her art! She sculpted graceful, perfect brows for my petite features and consulted with me, without being rushed, as to every finest feature I wanted, before she got started. She even 'mixed colors', to blend with my coloring. I admit, the anesthetic hurt, at times, across my brows, but as soon as she saw me squirm, she paused & waited. Although they appear 'dark' today, she assured me that they will look natural within the week. And friends have either not noticed the darkness at all or, when I've brought them to their attention, have all said how perfect they look, that they 'bring out my eyes' (just what I wanted!). No after-pain, nor swelling. A perfect experience! She is a true artiste The office & clinical room are extremely clean & very well-organized. When I called back this morning to ask a question about after-care, the receptionist put Dr Monica on the phone to talk with me directly. Such reassurance! I will return & recommend this clinic without reservation.
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