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  1. A few years back I studied staph, strep, and hospital aquired illness, and how to prevent it. Since that time, my wife and I have worn masks and used bleach wipes on all airplanes, long before covid 19. So feeling comfortable with the proper prcedures to protect oneself from virus's, we have been even more proactive with protecting ourselves against covid 19. Why, because it can cause long term damage to ones body. It all depends on one's DNA make up, as to how your body will react. That is why healthy 30 year olds die from this virus, but some 90 year olds survive. So, using proper PPE, and suggested protocols, we have been protecting ourselves, and everyone else. Have we been isolated in our house, absolutly not. We have been to Mexico, Hawaii, Lake Stevens Washington, Monterey California, the Olympic Penesula, McCall Idaho, Phoenix Arizona, and currently enjoying my third week in Florida. But, you have to be educated in virus transmission protocols. And be aware of your surroundings, and not let your guard down. But should we get unlucky, and catch it, we would not want to deal with the Mexican health system. And that is why our house in Mexico sits empty. This virus only needs you to let your guard down, once.
  2. Angus, if I may add to your statement. My entire career was in the refrigeration industry. The USA cattle industry invented nitrozen shipping containers in the 1950s to ship bull semen. It is used widely today. It is readily available. One employer I had used so much nitrogen, we made our own on site, for freezing. American ingenuity met the demand for our friends that needed ventilators, which are a 1000 times more complicated that shipping frozen viruses. They are already working on this.
  3. If you trust the Wall Street Journal New York Some 200 Covid-19 vaccines are in development around the world, according to the World Health Organization, each one promising to protect people from the deadly coronavirus and allow them to go back to work and school. Now, nearly a dozen are starting or nearing the final stage of testing. Depending on the results, some companies say their vaccines could be greenlighted for use as soon as this year. Complete article here: https://www.wsj.com/articles/covid-19-vaccines-whats-coming-and-when-11598882964
  4. Real Facts are important, but they are in short supply. Do I believe I will get any factual answer's? I didn't ask for any factual information. I asked for thoughts. I wanted to hear from others. But since the first three replies don't even attempt to share thoughts on my question, I will share some of my thoughts. As an example. Back in March, the experts talked about stopping the spread to help hospitals not max out. And also talked about Herd Immunity. You don't hear anymore about Herd Immunity, only lock downs. In the US the Medical community has put a lot of hope on getting a vaccine. But 50% of Americans have already said they won't get a vaccine. So what's left? It either dies out on its own, gets weaker. But we havn't seen that yet. (Italy) So maybe all thats left is Herd Immunity. An example of Herd Immunity, is Idaho. Idaho is near the top of the list nationally for new outbreaks per population/capita. Idaho is looked down on for this designation. But our hospitals are only at 50%. And 5% of our ventilators are in use. So with lots of new cases, hospitals are still in good shape. Herd Immunity may be the short term anwser. If the spread can be monitored and limited so as not to overload the hospitals, this could be the path to overcoming this pandemic. So, the Ajijic Plaza, my original question: If containing the spread in Lakeside is a success, then Herd Immunity will take a lot longer. As the population tires of lockdowns, and starts to ignore them, Herd Immunity will prevale. (Like Idaho) My Guess: 18 months Just a thought.
  5. The climate and socializing is probably the best thing about lakeside. Anyone want to share your thoughts on when you think this virus will be behind us. When the Ajijic Plaza will look like it did last January?
  6. Search for "New Bank Services for Ajijic - VE POR MAS Bank" on Sept 18. Lots of information, neutral comments, and of course derogatory comments. If you use them please keep us updated on the service.
  7. My wife went into the Everett, Washington hospital 4 weeks ago, and got the exact services performed. $15,000 us
  8. 1. They will open an account with only a Tourist Visa. 2. Cash withdrawals delivered to your home. 3. Will pick up check deposits from your home. They sent me a couple of PDF's attachments with a lot of info, but can't attach. (That would be to easy) If you use their service please keep the community informed about your experiences. Contact: Elizabeth Villaseñor Ramírez Licensed Investment & Currencies Specialist Phn (33)3648-3900 Ext. 33950 HQ (55)5625-1500 Ext. 31517 Cell (312)155-4655 Av. Américas 315, Col. Ladrón de Guevara. Cp. 44600, Guadalajara, Jal. Hi Dear Friends, This is Elizabeth Villasenor; you may remember my team (Charlie, Connie, Dani, and Claudia) and I used to have an outdoor office at Lake of Chapala Society. We listened to all the things our clients wanted to see changed or done better but was impossible at any other bank. And we grew tired of saying things were going to improve that didn´t happen due to internal discord beyond our control. So after careful consideration, we decided to join a better bank, which is new to the area. Introducing Banco Ve Por Mas (B×+) In English it means; ´Go for More´ Bank. We have spent the past months learning new systems and procedures, plus converting everything to easy to read and understand English from an all-Spanish language institution. B×+ is a Financial Group offering all the same investment instruments and services we have had in the past (Funds, CDs and Pagare´), and owned by the Kaluz Group (a large international corporation), and managed by highly qualified and experienced personnel in Guadalajara (See the website), I work with at the highest level. So though it seems smaller, has much broader staying power and stability. 32 locations and many more thousands of ATMs. (see below). · No more going back and forth or standing in lines at the bank to start an account; get everything easy and friendly. · ATM card that day, or only wait 7 days, not weeks for your ATM card with your name on it, AND verify it yourself thru your B×+ phone app. · We will have 2 locations, Ajijic East and West with convenient parking spaces. · Along with competent English speakers and all the things you´ve come to enjoy with my team and I (and a better exchange rate- see below) we can now offer: o An automatic token (Secondary authentication) No external device needed! This takes place automatically in the B×+ app. o Safe and secure cash withdraw delivered to your door (Up to $30,000 pesos, ***to scheduled) o At this same time we can have the courier pick up any checks you may have for deposit. You get a receipt for it and it then goes immediately into its own individual sealed envelope to return back to B×+. Checks collected before 2pm weekdays can be credited that day, after 2pm will be deposited the next business day. (Excluding Mexican holidays) By official B×+ insured courier. No more standing in line at the bank or ATM that may or may not work after walking for blocks just to be disappointed! The first exclusive VIP service for everyone!
  9. I also have dealt with ear wax build up forever. I have owned 5 different miniature cameras. The last one I bought is excellent. It links up with a smart phone, and works perfectly. I use the miniature snap on tool and physically clean my ears. If you are not comfortable inserting a tool into your ear, then don't do it. You can still use the camera and see whats going on in there. And be warned, you can hurt your eardrum if you mess up. https://www.amazon.com/BEBIRD-Wireless-Otoscope-Waterproof-Endoscope/dp/B0854FPJ1P/ref=sr_1_10?crid=2YLUXPK5GAO2F&dchild=1&keywords=bebird&qid=1595952456&sprefix=bebir%2Caps%2C895&sr=8-10
  10. Would like to rent a single car garage, or half a double garage. Thinking $40 US or equivalent in pesos. Cash of course. I am a snow bird. Usually leave end of April and return October. Will continue to pay through winter when I am not using the garage, to reserve it for the following winter. Please PM me. Or call USA: two 0 eight-nine 0 eight-nine nine 8 zero
  11. If someone at Lakeside wants to take the reins on this, find a good deal, etc., I will gladly send a US $600.00 check via ISHOP, or however. Let me know. If this works out somehow, I would like to request that one goes to the Frida Restaurante, in San Antonio. Three ladies that are always so nice and accommodating.
  12. How about this one, it is a ten pack, available to me quickly, supposedly. https://www.amazon.com/dp/B087FY447J/ref=sr_1_19?crid=3QPIEINW1CGIN&dchild=1&keywords=ir+thermometer+gun&qid=1591115370&refinements=p_85%3A2470955011&rnid=2470954011&rps=1&sprefix=ir+therm%2Caps%2C159&sr=8-19
  13. Amazon says this on is available by June 10. Not specifically for forehead, just a generic model. https://www.amazon.com/Etekcity-Lasergrip-1080-Non-Contact-Thermometer/dp/B00DMI632G/ref=sr_1_13?dchild=1&fst=as%3Aoff&qid=1591114042&refinements=p_85%3A2470955011&rnid=2470954011&rps=1&s=industrial&sr=1-13&qty=1&psc=1&selectObb=b2bNew
  14. $2500 pesos sounds like a lot for a required thermometer. I don't know if only certain models are acceptable. I came home to the US to quarantine....wife's orders. If someone can find out if this model is acceptable, https://www.amazon.com/CaseSack-Thermometer-Non-Contact-Infrared-Forehead/dp/B086H3K92Y/ref=sr_1_14?dchild=1&fst=as%3Aoff&qid=1591111702&refinements=p_85%3A2470955011&rnid=2470954011&rps=1&s=industrial&sr=1-14&qty=12&psc=1&selectObb=b2bNew, If they are acceptable, I will order a dozen of them, and Fed EX them down at my expense. But please verify they will work. I will also need an address to send them. And any suggestions.
  15. Don't know if Superlake is open. But a while back they had some. Walk in the main entrance, just past the desk on the right, turn right, in the glass case. I think it was about 130p
  16. Anyone know of a plastic, crafts store locally that can cut plastic? I need a couple of round pieces 1/8" x 2 1/2" round. Thanks.
  17. Opened an account at CI Bankco last week in San Antonio. I had to deposit a minimum of $20,000.00 pesos to open. And was told a minimum of $20,000.00 was needed to not have bank charges. Service so far, awful.
  18. johs, I tried to private message you, but you are not set up for it. I am using Spencer Law Firm currently. Started on October 9, still waiting patiently for my card. Cost $7950 pesos. Learned more info while waiting at the immigration office. Contact me if you want more info. The Mexican lady at the immigration office speaks excellent English, in case you don't. She is a jewel of a person, and goes beyond the normal expectations of being helpful.
  19. I had to google Yorkshire Pudding, YUMMY, why wait for Prime Rib??
  20. I have checked10 retail outlets and can not find an ant bait. I have used Cynoff, Raid, and Trompa. No results longer than 3 days. I even ground up trompa and mixed it with yummi bases. They wouldn't touch the Trompa. If possible, please the name, and location to obtain. Thanks. I will add some search terms so other folks can find this information. Cynoff, Raid, Trompa, Terro, Ant Bait, Ant poison, kill ants
  21. Thanks All. Multiple searches on google, no info on shaw, and nothing on their guide. I will visit a bar as suggested.
  22. Been here 30 days. Still learning. Is there a reliable location to watch Saturdays Alabama versus LSU football game. Thanks, Dale
  23. The last post I could find was 3 years old. Are Keurig coffee cups available at Lakeside. If not where do you get them. Thanks
  24. SunFan, do you and your neighbors routinely drink water from the tap unfiltered?
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