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  1. i know the Lisa Jorgensen Strikes Again discussion is closed, so if this belongs there, you can ignore it.  I am a gringo writing as a volunteer for the Seminario Laguna Spanish language newspaper based in Ajijic.  I am professional journalist with many awards including an Emmy, Addys, Independent Press Award, and a Nobel nomination, among others.  I currently write music reviews for an audience of 300K in the US and the UK.  My radio show, based in Ajijic reaches both Mexico and the US and is syndicated in the UK.  Two weeks ago the Lakeside Reporter reprinted a story I published in the Laguna without permission and without my name or a reference to the Laguna, from which she took it.  This is a copyright violation and theft. We intend to confront her on it.  Will keep you informed of the outcome.

  2. This July we are moving from Los Angeles into a house we bought two years ago in Ajijic and have rented out. We spend a lot of time in Ajijic and Chapala and know the area and people fairly well, plus are intermediate Spanish speakers. We understand that we should establish residency in a "no income tax" state and set up a new US mailing address and way of shipping things like meds to us in Ajijic. Any suggestions on the best states and companies to use for this? Thanks...looking forward to meeting tghose of you I have not yet met.
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