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  1. Dr Haro.. Great dentist.. expensive but worth it.
  2. Seems a little strange to me... buying a car sight unseen and so far away... It must be one hell of a deal to make it worthwhile..
  3. Why don't you ask the people at INM ??? They might be able to answer your question....
  4. I also paid Spencer's office to notify Aduana about my TIP.. never got my deposit back..
  5. If you buy from Best Buy in Guad you can get it in English, not sure what they do but they don't charge for it...
  6. Why not use their website.. All the info you need is there..
  7. Good point... My Garmin did like taking me through Aguascalientes....... I have been both ways . And really don't find that much difference.. Now that the SP bypass is open and the new road around Guad it makes it a lot eaiser drive and easily doable in one shot... Never again will I stay in that dump Las Palmas....
  8. I have actually ...about 20 times over the last 13 years.. My Garmin has never failed me... It doesn't allways take me route I think it should.. But it allways gets me where I want to go... When I first started the drive there were a lot less toll roads than there are now.. Theses days it's a pretty simple drive from Laredo (Columbia)
  9. Why not use a GPS.... Road signage in Mexico is not the best...
  10. It's up to the individual...if you think you know more than AA show up two hours before your fight..
  11. Good point.. If you have to call the Green Angels they ask to see your toll receipt..
  12. I would think most of the garages Lakeside have a simple OBD2 scan tool. You can pick them up for less than $50 US at Autozone.. They will read any existing faults or previous ones stored in the computer.. They may even have the more advanced version. For around $100/120 US you can pick up something an Inova OBD2 Digital scan tool that will give you real time data while you drive, which comes in very useful if you have an intermittent problem like I did...
  13. Anyone can drive a Mexican plated vehicle,. I would give them a letter stating that they have the owners permission to drive this vehicle.
  14. About 10 years ago I crossed at Laredo bringing my partners (Female) luggage with me as she wanted to fly, I was stopped and inspected.. Was told you can only bring your own items into the country.. But they would let me go this time... It was explained to me that you can only bring your own personal items in to the country.. All the items I had were used.. If They had been new items it would been far more serious....
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