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  1. Seems I was once in cotact with someone who did dog rescues in mexico and was taking them to USA. I have a dog I would like to investigate getting her to USA Mark tel 376 688 2932
  2. Mexico is under reporting COVID 19. SOme say up to 5 times under reported. https://www.nytimes.com/2020/05/08/world/americas/mexico-coronavirus-count.html
  3. Due to illness I must return to the USA. My companion for the last three years through illness was "Pecosa" . She is a fixed medium size dog that would enjoy space to roam, but can get by in the city. I hope to get a photo posted of her soon. She was a highway rescue from San Miguel de Allende and is probanly between 4 and 5 years old. I have had a vet confirm as I suspected she is probaboy part American Pit Bull and part Dalmation. Pecosa responds well to English commands and seems to understand little Spanish. When I rescued her I thought she was completely ignorant to my commands in Spanish . Then one day I said something to her in English and she did exactly as told her to do. I discovered she responded very well to English that day. She would be an excellent companion for a person living alone that needs a little extra security. She can get along with other dogs and is kid friendly. She has only shown agression to people when someone showed agression against me. She is happy doing car trips. Mark tel 376 688 2932
  4. "0 Confirmed cases in Chapala"? First there is NO HOSPITAL that a Mexican would use in Chapala. They are all targeted to Gringo private insurance. If any Mexican was sick from COVID 19 they would most likely go to a hospital in Guadalajara. Second there is NO TESTING that I have seen in order to support this overly broad statement. You can not claim "0 confirmed cases in Chapala" where there is no testing in Chapala, that is absurd. Third if the COVID 19 were in Chapala, from what I see in my neighborhood it would spread like wildfire. Today I left the house to take the garbage to the street and saw 6 people in 2 minutes none of which were wearing masks. Just 2 days ago everyone had masks. One person was a passing motorist that swerved to the left side where I was , to turn his head out his open window and coughed as he passed me, less that 2 ft from my body. The other four walked by in a group chatting as if nothing was going on in the world. Interesting how the meaning of "0 Confirmed Cases" can change depending om he circumstances. The reality of the circumstances are is that nobody wants that number to go up so they are not inclined to start widespread testing and show the real situation. This same thing is happening everywhere in the USA now as testing becomes more available. Not that there are more cases but more being confirmed through testing. No testing seems to imply no confirmed cases. wow isn't that too convenient?
  5. Are there any art supply stores that sell foam core? I hope to find foam core lakeside. Thanks Mark
  6. Haha this is so funny. I lived in Rosarito and although I am dual national by birth, I was accused of ratting out a bunch of illegal Americans and Canadians because I was the only one that was not around that day that immigration swept things up. They could not deport me as a Mexican however anyway. I had nothing to do with the immigration raid they do them once in a while. One guy was deported without his motor home as he was forced to fly back to the USA, and banned from entering Mexico again. This is just something that happens once in a while in Rosarito and Tijuana. This is also how they got Arif Durrani (remember the Iran contra Affair?) out of Mexico BTW https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Arif_Durrani , so he could be arrested again by US authorities in 2006.
  7. Thanks for the link, very helpful. Sorry but that IS how I feel about the USA, especially Post 911. I just wish more people would recognize it!
  8. Irish , Mexican and NUTJOB. Now you resort to threats? You must be a nutjob.
  9. A group of us will be crossing the border by US plated car en route to Oregon. I have the following concerns. I have been reading about border delays (a few months ago) . do they still exist? As I have not crossed a border in years I was curious what is the current situation with entering the Police State of the USA in general as well. Has the process changed much? What is the expectation you have when returning to USA in a USA plated vehicle? Are many vehicles subjet to full inspection or do they waive you on? Also most all of the information about border crossings I read seems to be about going to Mexico and not much about going to USA. Thanks Mark
  10. Have you crossed there or at any others lately , entering to USA? WHat did you experience more recently?
  11. On another thread you claimed to be "Mexican"
  12. Mi pais es Mexico. QUiero un Mexico mas seguro
  13. If you lived "en el otro lado" then you know that enforcement with reprocussions of a person losing their license or having to go to driving school is a far better deterrent than "topes" that ruin cars and cause more exhaust. What I figure is that more people will use the oncoming lane to avoid the topes causing an increase in head-on collissions. Last I saw the topes were on the downhill side only and not on the uphill side. Talk about STUPID! That combined with the fact that most Mexican drivers have no clue what the double solid yellow line means (or most road markings for that matter) , it is a recipe for disaster.
  14. I am Mexican! I guess your expectation is that I will sit around and say "That is how it's always been and it will never change"?
  15. It was about 4 months ago that iFibra came to the door offering Fiber optic Internet. Compared to my 5 Meg DSL it looked like a value. I am however NOT a typical Iinternet user and have the requirement of a Public IP to my modem, The Salesperson said he would check on this and get back to me. He never got back to me. In fact he quit working for the company. Telmex infinitum that never was more than 5Meg, and usully less. In fact I could never make a phone call and use Internet at the same time, because the "phone Line" is Voip and used all the upload bandwith it seemed. 2 months passed and I called iFibra out of frusration of paying for a constantly failing connection to Telmex. I was assured by the "engineer" (probably a train engineer) that yes they do provide public IPs to the modem, for no additional charge. I requested again the installation and was told they would send a salesperson back out. After another phone call, a month or so later a salesperson shows up. I sign the contract. I a told installation would take up to a week. A Few days later installer calls me saying he will be there in 20 minutes . I waited several houts till 8PM no installer, no phone call , nothing. The next day the installer calls telling me he will be there in 20 minutes. I asked if this is 20 Minutes like yesterday, he said no 20 Minutes. Probably an hour later the installer shows up. He completes the install and to my surprise NO PUBLIC IP! I disconnect the modem and tell him I will not sign for it. he makes a call to someone in the office who is justifying why they are not giving me what they promised. I had the phone back to the installer while the guy talks on. The installer talks to the man on other end then claims that I need only request a Public IP and there is "No additional charge" , so I signed and accepted. The next day I call the office and am informed "Your contract does not include a Public IP" . I said it was what I requested from the start then it is the wrong contract. There appears to be no reference to "no public IP" anywhere in the contract. Later that day I talk to "an engineer" , not the same one as before. He says they do not offer public IPs contradicting what I have now been told more than once. I asked him if the lie was what he was telling me or what the other two employees told me? AT 5PM iFibra violated their contract and the law by unilaterally disconnecting service. It goes on.......
  16. If Transito would do TRAFFIC ENFORCEMENT and issue fines (not mordidas) to speeders , it would not only generate revenue , it would deter speeders far better than a few topes, which they just resume speeding after the topes. Mandatorry driving school for those repeat offenders too would help. Its the offenders that pay the costs of the school. I do not understand why it is so difficult for the local governemnets to understand.
  17. As some people ask me these things from time to time, I prepared this document to demonstrate the differences in some ISPs. Not all ISPs mentioned are available Lakeside. This explains how some ISPs sell "Internet" without a Public IP and what it means . What they really mean is that they sell (one way) Internet access by way of their LAN or WAN. BUYER BEWARE! Mark
  18. Ilox maybe yes is their own network, as stated I know it is not on the same shared infrastructure as iFibra. I still would not bet on it though as many of these companies building the infrastructure are doing quite well and may have exclusive arrangements in some areas.
  19. It was you who said a single access point, not the owner. I know he already knows that
  20. I just wanted to clarify a couple of things. I do not believe that iFibra , nor iLox are building their "own" networks. Recently in Mexico some companies have bagan to apear that offer a "conduit" for the last mile of service for TV, Internet and Telephone. This is much like Ashland Fiber network in Ashland, OR https://www.ashlandfiber.net/ , although private companies doing it. In that way, they lease or rent capacity on those fiber lines to ISPs , Cable and Phone companies. If the provider is then connected to that "conduit service" they can then connect to your home for the services you require. I believe I have confirmed that iLox and Ifibra are NOT sharing a common conduit (at least not yet) . My iFibra contract is from "Acceso a Redes SA de CV" which literally means "Access to Networks SA de CV" (note the plural), and only on one page does the iFibra logo appear, and that is where they took my personal information. My iFibra 18 Meg up and 18meg down is scheduled to be installed this week. I am sure it will be better that the (sometimes) 5 max I have been getting from Telmex ADSL , which is not even VDSL as in most areas. I have never had such unreliable phone and Internet fron Telmex as I now have. I believe they are falling apart. A cell phone SIM, USB dongle for 3g (to make phone calls with the SIM) , and tiny VoIP server will do a fine job of all of my worldly phone call needs. Unfortunately nobody can offer me a 376 area Cell phone SIM still! Mark de Leon Teknogeekz
  21. Just an FYI , I had contracted internet from Telmex in a new place in Chapala. They "promised" fiber optic was available before renting, however at time of install it was ADSL , not even the faster VDSL that also supports longer "last mile" lines, with a max speed set in the modem at 5Mbps . Nothing close to the 20 I was promised on Fiber. Shortly after renting the place they were installing Fiber optic cables in the street. This was NOT TELMEX. A few weeks later they came around offering fiber optic internet and I expressed interest , but apparently the salesperson went on to other work and never returned. Now 3 months later I have a contract with iFiber to be installed this week. The speed contracted is 18Meg . The salesperson commented that my speed would probably be much higher because there are few subscribers in the neighborhood. Also this is symetrical meaning 18meg up and 18 Meg down. I do not believe iFiber owns the fiber in the street. I do believe the fiber is used as a conduit for multiple providers much like Ashland Fiber Network https://www.ashlandfiber.net/ , except it is private. I will try to remember to post an update after installation. As for the hotel internet scenario, I know that hotel, and I can say that no single WiFi access point will work in that situation. They need at least FOUR high power outdoor wireless access points each one directed to one side of the "wing" of each building . 2 wings, 2 sides , 4 access points. That is the ONLY way they will get coverage inside all the rooms. That does not include coverage in the pool area or other areas. Wifi by design has a problem that the more people that connect to a single access point the slower it gets , yes even with MIMO (Multiple In Multiple Out because it simply has multiple access points in one) wifi. MIMO only reduces the limitation, not eliminate it. When I was on that network years ago there were usually more than 20 connected devices at any time . Even a single MIMO wifi can not provide optimum speeds with a 20 user minimum . It is irrelevant if the user is using the connection, the wireless access point must maintain the connection. Wifi is only as fast as its slowest device (aside from MIMO which is as fast as the 2 slowest devices) , as if one user is connected to a weak wifi signal at 2Mbps , most wifi will slow down all connections to 2Mbps , or the lowest common denominator. At least with MIMO you get "multiple" access points but it really makes little sense to have multiple access points in the same location in that scenario. The only other option would be a low power access point in each room. but that would be a greater cost and require more cabling. I have worked with these systems in multiple locations, hotels, call centers, businesses, industrual properties , even gated communities with large security systems, in many places from Puerto Vallarta to San Miguel de .Allende.There is no other way you can get reliable internet INSIDE buildings without using HIGH POWER EXTERIOR Wireless access points, without wiring to all rooms.. One such location was 27 Hectareas near San Miguel de Allende, practically like a small town where internet, security cameras and telephones were delivered to most all corners of the property over a single wireless network. There are many newer devices to create mesh networks or to use a 5Ghz "wireless Backbone" with a single 2.4 to 5 Ghz repeater (not like a typical repeater) that repeat the signal from one network 2.4 Ghz to the 5 Ghz network, negating all need for cabling and not having the limitations of "typical repeaters" .. I also understand that some people want to minimize cost . One should think about cost over the long term, fiddling with, replacing and adding consumer type wireless access points and the labor to do it, Building the system right from the beginning with more commercial type devices is a lower cost, long term option. Mark de Leon Teknogeekz
  22. Does this ilox even give you a public IP or an IP on their LAN like Izzy does?
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