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  1. Seems I was once in cotact with someone who did dog rescues in mexico and was taking them to USA. I have a dog I would like to investigate getting her to USA Mark tel 376 688 2932
  2. Mexico is under reporting COVID 19. SOme say up to 5 times under reported. https://www.nytimes.com/2020/05/08/world/americas/mexico-coronavirus-count.html
  3. Due to illness I must return to the USA. My companion for the last three years through illness was "Pecosa" . She is a fixed medium size dog that would enjoy space to roam, but can get by in the city. I hope to get a photo posted of her soon. She was a highway rescue from San Miguel de Allende and is probanly between 4 and 5 years old. I have had a vet confirm as I suspected she is probaboy part American Pit Bull and part Dalmation. Pecosa responds well to English commands and seems to understand little Spanish. When I rescued her I thought she was completely ignorant to my commands in Spanish . Then one day I said something to her in English and she did exactly as told her to do. I discovered she responded very well to English that day. She would be an excellent companion for a person living alone that needs a little extra security. She can get along with other dogs and is kid friendly. She has only shown agression to people when someone showed agression against me. She is happy doing car trips. Mark tel 376 688 2932
  4. "0 Confirmed cases in Chapala"? First there is NO HOSPITAL that a Mexican would use in Chapala. They are all targeted to Gringo private insurance. If any Mexican was sick from COVID 19 they would most likely go to a hospital in Guadalajara. Second there is NO TESTING that I have seen in order to support this overly broad statement. You can not claim "0 confirmed cases in Chapala" where there is no testing in Chapala, that is absurd. Third if the COVID 19 were in Chapala, from what I see in my neighborhood it would spread like wildfire. Today I left the house to take the garbage to the street and saw 6 people in 2 minutes none of which were wearing masks. Just 2 days ago everyone had masks. One person was a passing motorist that swerved to the left side where I was , to turn his head out his open window and coughed as he passed me, less that 2 ft from my body. The other four walked by in a group chatting as if nothing was going on in the world. Interesting how the meaning of "0 Confirmed Cases" can change depending om he circumstances. The reality of the circumstances are is that nobody wants that number to go up so they are not inclined to start widespread testing and show the real situation. This same thing is happening everywhere in the USA now as testing becomes more available. Not that there are more cases but more being confirmed through testing. No testing seems to imply no confirmed cases. wow isn't that too convenient?
  5. Are there any art supply stores that sell foam core? I hope to find foam core lakeside. Thanks Mark
  6. Haha this is so funny. I lived in Rosarito and although I am dual national by birth, I was accused of ratting out a bunch of illegal Americans and Canadians because I was the only one that was not around that day that immigration swept things up. They could not deport me as a Mexican however anyway. I had nothing to do with the immigration raid they do them once in a while. One guy was deported without his motor home as he was forced to fly back to the USA, and banned from entering Mexico again. This is just something that happens once in a while in Rosarito and Tijuana. This is also how they got Arif Durrani (remember the Iran contra Affair?) out of Mexico BTW https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Arif_Durrani , so he could be arrested again by US authorities in 2006.
  7. Thanks for the link, very helpful. Sorry but that IS how I feel about the USA, especially Post 911. I just wish more people would recognize it!
  8. Irish , Mexican and NUTJOB. Now you resort to threats? You must be a nutjob.
  9. A group of us will be crossing the border by US plated car en route to Oregon. I have the following concerns. I have been reading about border delays (a few months ago) . do they still exist? As I have not crossed a border in years I was curious what is the current situation with entering the Police State of the USA in general as well. Has the process changed much? What is the expectation you have when returning to USA in a USA plated vehicle? Are many vehicles subjet to full inspection or do they waive you on? Also most all of the information about border crossings I read seems to be about going to Mexico and not much about going to USA. Thanks Mark
  10. Have you crossed there or at any others lately , entering to USA? WHat did you experience more recently?
  11. On another thread you claimed to be "Mexican"
  12. Mi pais es Mexico. QUiero un Mexico mas seguro
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