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  1. We are driving to Houston on Wednesday the 24th. And returning the 29th., if you have any household items you would like to bring down from texas or small to bulky items as well. Feel free to call me or email for a free quote. I will also be available after the 15 th. Of May to move back anybody to the U.S. from El Paso via west to California. Thank you. E-mail: andreaaraceli2@gmail.com or (376) 763 5527
  2. Does anybody need to move back to Texas at the last minute or move down to the chapala area in the next week? Please contact me at 376 7635527 or email andreaaraceli2@gmail.com
  3. I don’t know if your serious about the move, but i would do this move for $2500.00 u.s. if it is southern Washington state.
  4. I have a cargo van that holds a total of 240 cubic ft. of cargo. How soon do you need this move and where to? I also have a small trailer that holds another 130 cubic ft. if needed. Yes, I can definitely drive my van in the u.s, and or if you wish across the u.s. border where you can hire a u.s. company to continue your move. Thank you. Mi contact information is (376) 763 55 27 or my E-Mail andreaaraceli2@gmail.com
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