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  1. Apologies to the long-time members as I'm sure this is an oft-repeated topic, but my wife and I are considering moving to Mexico when I retire and Ajijic/Chapala area is high on our list as a jumping off point to ease the culture shock. We may decide to move every six months or so after a settling in period, to find our favorite area. We're both taking beginning Spanish now to get ourselves ready when we take the leap in a few years, but want to know when the best time is to visit Ajijic/Chapala when it's fairly normal, that is not at the peak tourist season or devoid of people because of the heat. We've read that Chapala area has become fairly expensive and difficult to find rental homes that allow pets (we currently have four dogs and a cat), but want to visit to see what the real story is. Our windows to visit are limited due to my wife's class schedule, but have open periods in March, May, August, and December/January. Any advice would be appreciated, even if it's "It's too crowded already, move someplace else!" Thanks, Don and Ellen
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