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  1. Saw 2 comments on Facebook stating checkpoints by Colima and another spot. One saying he got through because having house in Barra, other said father died of virus and they gave him hard time but eventually made it.
  2. Want to drive in September for a few days to Manzanillo staying in hotel. Anyone know of any restrictions? Heard that they turn away travellers if trip is non essential. Hotel did not specify any restrictions. Thank you.
  3. Thank you so much for doing this. He really is a sweetheart.
  4. Stray male cat started coming into our yard beginning March. After 4 weeks was able to trap him and had him neutered, dewormed, vaccinated, etc. About 2 weeks ago he was attacked by an animal and had his whole upper body and face covered with deep cuts and scratches. Dr. Ladron had him for 2 days and he got an ok on his health. My problem is that my 2 cats (male, female) really hate him and chase him any chance they get. My husband barely tolerates our cats (inhaler and prescription meds) and number 3 is really getting to him. This cat loves dogs, as we have two, craves cuddles and just started to purr. We really wish he would find a loving home because he already went through so much and deserves a better live. Please call 332-672-2236 if you can provide that place. Thank you!
  5. John Bolton, 332 804 3118. He was just my neighbors and sat for 4 dogs. They were very happy with him, the house was left spotless and he even washed all the bedding.
  6. Could you please tell me what LCS stands for and where or what is El Torino? Greatly appreciated, thanks!
  7. We are in need of a pet/house sitter for our critters. Live in Chapala Haciendas and car would be available. Duration 5 days from November 25st (morning) to 29st (late afternoon). House has 2 bdrms. with king beds, pool, stereo, wifi, satellite TV and netflix. Dog is French mastiff, 8 month old and cats are 9 month of age.
  8. Thank you mainecoons, I had the same problems with my guy. Luckily we found someone yesterday. He is my gardeners father.
  9. Can anybody be so kind and recommend a good pool service guy? We live in Chapala Haciendas and pool is chlorinated. Thanks in advance.
  10. Dog is at Lucky Dog, had to bring him there on Wednesday, he attacked my cats again.
  11. This dog was found near the entrance of Chapala Haciendas. He ran after every car for days, which tells me that he got dumped here. I just need a good home for him.....
  12. I asked everybody I know and they in turn asked around. Nobody knows this dog but he must have had a good home. He loves car rides. At the Vet during bathing and brushing he looked like that was done many times on him. He gets along with other dogs, just not cats at all.
  13. Found this little one in Chapala Haciendas a while ago. According to Vet neutered, very healthy and no other issues. very affectionate and house trained. Can't sadly keep him because he absolutely hates my 2 cats.
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