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  1. I am looking for a photographer based out in Guadalajara for a small event..Anyone have some inputs? Thank you!
  2. Could someone help me, I 've submitted my Tax returns today though I did a mistake.it would be grateful if you could inbox me.Thank you!
  3. I'm preparing for a competitive exam where I need communications skills to be presented. Would request a native English speaker, all I need is your leisure time to connect over phone and have some conversation. Please help
  4. What would be a decent and relaxing beach place in Mexico? Other than Cancun &PV.Suggestions please.Ty.
  5. I'd like to open a Mexican bank account. Which one is best in terms of minimum balance, Online banking etc..
  6. Does anyone know the process of transferring the money from BBVA Bancomer Mexico account to US Bank/or any bank from the USA?I would like to know the chargers for the transferring. Thank you
  7. Yes, wires are always burnt and the coil doesn't give hot water when needed. It works efficiently in the middle of the day, but not in the morning.
  8. temporary - 6-8 months 2- Yes 3-normal overhead tanker no specific pressure system 4- as low as possible
  9. Yes this is the one we are having though have issues with this..not so efficient..
  10. Yes, its electric shower. A shower and it has a heating system ..though it consumes more electricity
  11. Unfortunately, our house doesn't have a boiler, solar system, electric shower has issues and irritated to use immersion rods... anybody has a better suggestion for my temporary stay? Thank you!.
  12. I am living in GDL.I know basics with car dircing.What would be the finest way learn the driving? Approaching a Driving school or any other alternatives? Also best site to find used Cars.Ty.
  13. We are interested to introduce our nation’s food. Where we could get opportunity to place some stalls? Or any better way to host our cuisines here? Ty.
  14. Could someone assist on the Registration process with IMSS.Ty.
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