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  1. In my circumstance, gall bladder removal surgery, 20 years ago... Disqualified me for a Mexican health insurance policy.
  2. I have two golden retriever's... Let me know how to teach them to fly, they are smart, but...🤣
  3. Do you have a recommendation? If not here, then in Guadalajara. Thank you!
  4. I have a Flashrouter (wireless router w/ built in VPN) and the VPN I use is VPN unlimited. You can set it up to any VPN service you like, anything connected to it goes through the router. I have Telmex as my internet.
  5. While I don't recommend a particular window tint company... I will say that done right, anything with a 3M film, will last, and do the job quite well. Car or home windows/glass doors. My car. I do suggest a professional install. They should have an installation warranty to redo or replace if after X amount of days the tint starts to warp. Anyone working with a 3M product should be including their warranty with the installation. (no, I don't work for 3M, just a happy consumer with some previous installations).
  6. I'm in the US right now, but, you can always pay at AT&T online or sign up there. I've called the AT&T corporate office in Dallas Texas when I've had problems in the past. A friend calls the "Office of the president" there and they always help. Though I've never called The office of the President.
  7. Great post... We were considering driving, but decided to fly down for the six weeks we will be there. Only because I was unfamiliar with the drive from Texas and not really ready to take it on quite yet. While this doesn't help you, I encourage other posts like this, as I do plan the drive sometime before the end of this year. Thanks!
  8. If there is a whole house filter system in place with UV... Is a RO system for under the sink in the kitchen (drinking water) needed or is that overkill? Thanks!
  9. Would it not be better to just subscribe to something like SlingTV and Netflix to get what you want?
  10. Why not post here? I'd love to know what you are selling.
  11. Inquiring minds want to know... What does Luzma charge for her service? Thank you!
  12. pm doesn't help the rest of us. may be better to stream IPTV instead?
  13. Pretty sure he meant End of Life instead of End of Line.
  14. Are "Best Doctors" to be trusted when they charge doctors for plaques showing that they are a "member"?
  15. One of mine, US Xifaxan, doesn't show up on the list. How would I find out if this is available in Ajijic? Thank you!
  16. What is the latest update from Ilocc? I thought they were supposed to be installed in November?
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