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  1. Curious to know the outcome of this with Volaris. I tried the whats app and it was "automated". I know on US based carriers, medical devices are not counted toward carry on. I've travelled with my cpap for years, usually as carry on and once I tell TSA and gate agents, they just wave me on.
  2. I would hope people looking into this are looking at Dra. Justina Lopez. I'm a new patient and so far so good.
  3. Out of precaution we did the Columbia Crossing near Laredo... It was quick and easy. This was on Dec 25th.
  4. I'm surprised you could get to paying online. I owe a balance, even after solar went in. Not sure how to pay it online as it always says invalid. I am hoping at the next billing (wishful thinking) that the amount of solar sent back to CFE covers more than what I owe.
  5. I believe this has come up but my search isn't finding it. Having moved here recently, I use a Dexcom 6. I see those are not available here. I've been looking for the Freestyle Libre, and find one or two listed on Amazon MX. At the recommendation of my Dra. here, I have reached out to Abbott but they haven't provided any information than to check out their store (not selling them). Are there others here that use a CGM everyday? It's been the best tool for me to keep my A1C down, since it lets me know when to add some insulin. Thanks for your recommendations on where to get such items. I do not have insurance here in Ajijic, and am excluded due to medical pre-existing conditions (such as diabetes). Sincerely, Tim
  6. In my circumstance, gall bladder removal surgery, 20 years ago... Disqualified me for a Mexican health insurance policy.
  7. I have two golden retriever's... Let me know how to teach them to fly, they are smart, but...🤣
  8. Do you have a recommendation? If not here, then in Guadalajara. Thank you!
  9. I have a Flashrouter (wireless router w/ built in VPN) and the VPN I use is VPN unlimited. You can set it up to any VPN service you like, anything connected to it goes through the router. I have Telmex as my internet.
  10. While I don't recommend a particular window tint company... I will say that done right, anything with a 3M film, will last, and do the job quite well. Car or home windows/glass doors. My car. I do suggest a professional install. They should have an installation warranty to redo or replace if after X amount of days the tint starts to warp. Anyone working with a 3M product should be including their warranty with the installation. (no, I don't work for 3M, just a happy consumer with some previous installations).
  11. I'm in the US right now, but, you can always pay at AT&T online or sign up there. I've called the AT&T corporate office in Dallas Texas when I've had problems in the past. A friend calls the "Office of the president" there and they always help. Though I've never called The office of the President.
  12. Great post... We were considering driving, but decided to fly down for the six weeks we will be there. Only because I was unfamiliar with the drive from Texas and not really ready to take it on quite yet. While this doesn't help you, I encourage other posts like this, as I do plan the drive sometime before the end of this year. Thanks!
  13. If there is a whole house filter system in place with UV... Is a RO system for under the sink in the kitchen (drinking water) needed or is that overkill? Thanks!
  14. Would it not be better to just subscribe to something like SlingTV and Netflix to get what you want?
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