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  1. EYEGLASSES/CONTACT LENSE APPOINTMENTS ARE AVAILABLE AT LAKE CHAPALA SOCIETY! Dra. Luz Zepeda is working on Thursdays at the Lake Chapala Society, even though the campus is closed. At this time appointments are only available for needs that cannot wait until LCS reopens. Dra. Zepeda is taking all precautions the pandemic requires. Appointments are only for URGENT NEEDS, like replacement of scratched lenses, broken or lost eyeglasses or major change in prescription requiring new eyeglasses immediately to function. Since LCS is closed please call Dra. Zepeda's cell phone (33 1411 1178) to make an appointment.
  2. Come on out to Chapala Pride and join your fellow ex-pats to show our Mexican hosts we applaud them embracing their queer community and we also support human rights for all no matter how you identify and who you love. The more Allies the better. We have a large banner to march behind uniting the Mexican, Canadian and US flags. If you are from a country other than the US or Canada feel free to bring your flag and wave it proudly. Any other flags are also welcome: transgender, lesbian, intersex, bisexual, PFlag for parents, etc.... Meet at 3:30 at The BeerGarden on 11/17, 3 days from now, or come straight to the parade. Those at the restaurant will have a meal/snacks/drinks together and then join the parade when it forms around 4:30 or 5:00 on the street just outside the restaurant.
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