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  1. USAA closed my checking and credit card account because they did not have my Mexico residence address. However, I was able to open a new account using my Handy Mail Laredo mailing address and my Chapala residence address. They know I live in Mexico.
  2. My wife and I both renewed our licenses last week and submitted all black and white copies.
  3. Yes. Basically it means Renewal. Look at the information at the front of the building in the post above.
  4. No, there is no form required to pay. Just get in line in the “musical chairs” and present your driver’s license. Tell the person “refrendó”. He / she will printout a form that you take to the new office.
  5. Sorry, I spelled it wrong. It is Recuadadora ( where you get your annual vehicle sticker). It is located at the Chapala office #026 is located at Degollado 306, near the Chapala tennis courts.
  6. All the required documentation and costs are painted on the front of the building. I even received 50% discount without an INAPAM / DIF card and without requesting it. Great service all around.
  7. I went there today and renewed my license. I first paid at the Recadora and then went to the new office. It is a very nice facility and everyone there was friendly and professional. The whole process took less than one hour.
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