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  1. The stores I been to ... do not have the monitor that I"m looking for. I been to walmart, mega, liverpool, pcdepot... none of them have it so buying online is my only option. Its a special type of monitor... not a regular monitor you can find at walmart etc. Again I have bought off amazon mexico and mercadolibre before without any issue. But this is another site which i found online which sell electronics that i never used before so i don't want to make a mistake with my order. If you are not going to be helpful, don't respond.
  2. Compare that to my Amazon Mexico Shipping Address which is like this Calle 28 #246 Lote 10 entre Av 35 v 40 Centro Playa Del Carmen Centro Playa Del Carmen, Quintana Roo 77720 So the one I have in the post right above this... that is fine right? I ask this because when im filling out the order form on that site... that is how my shipping address looks. I mean i could write playa del carmen again in the third line... but i would repeat myself.
  3. Im not sure where the lote number comes from... but i think it showed in my electric bill a while back. That is how i got that numero number there etc. So a while back when i bought from amazon mexico, i put my address calle and then the numero and lot and between avenue ... centro, playa del carmen, quintana roo etc... and they arrive without an issue. So anytime i buy off amazon mexico... i dont have an issue at all. Im downtown... in a regular building... not rural area. But i mean as long as it looks like my amazon mexico shipping address... then it should be fine right? One other thing you mean the neighborhood. My neighbor is centro... meaning downtown. But if you look at my amazon mexico address it has like Centro repeated twice... when you see Centro... then playa del carmen centro... you see playa del carmen written twice etc. I assume that isn't necessary right for this? Thus if it looks like this, its fine? Calle 28 #246 Entre Av 35 v 40 Centro 77720, Playa Del Carmen Quintana Roo, Mexico
  4. Okay so it seems like if i just put in the Calle 28 in the street number only... then put Entre Av 35 y 40 in the Referencias.... and put #246 in the numero... then the address when displayed looks like the one i have on amazon mexico. So basically if i get it to look like how my address looks on amazon mexico... then its fine right? They ship with estafeta and that is what amazon mexico uses when they come. But would the Lote 10 be significant here? Again i have no idea what that is... but my address on file on amazon mexico also has lote after the #246. Thanks.
  5. Hi thanks for the response. So if its Calle 28, then just put Calle 28? But don't put any between avenue? Example like Calle 28 Entre Av 35 y 40. Because when i order from amazon mexico, it looks like that and i received my order from amazon mexico without any issue once. My address on file on amazon mexico is like this... note this isn't my address but im just changing a few of the street and avenue number Calle 28 #246 Lote 10 entre Av 35 v 40 Centro Playa Del Carmen Centro Playa Del Carmen, Quintana Roo 77720 Okay so the numero... its a 3 digit number. But there is also a lote number for some reason. Do you know what that is? Then again... whenever amazon mexico order comes... they call my cell phone and i come outside the building to open the front gate and pick the package up. There are more 6 apts in my building but i never put my apartment number in it since there is no point... since i always meet the person at front gate. Well im located in centro. That is like the center in playa del carmen. So Centro? Okay so playa del carmen in city. But where does Solidaridad belong then? So I don't use that? I do notice on my amazon mexico address... i don't have solidaridad on it. But i recalled a site i used that i bought something from online, i used that. Referencia- Well im not sure how to fill that part out the way you describe it. So if my address is what I posted above for what I use for amazon mexico, what do you suggest i put down for referencia then? It also doesn't seem to be required to fill that line out. So i thought i could just write blue front gate... so would you suggest that or not? Or do i put between which avenue it is? Thanks.
  6. Hey all. So im trying to buy an electronic online on a site similar to like mercadolibre/amazon mexico. In the form it ask Calle Numbero: Int: Referencia: (entres calles o puntos de referencia) Colonia Codigo Postal Ciudad Estado I'm located in playa del carmen, not chapala. I know in estado, there is drop down menu where I select quintana roo which is where im located now. But what exactly am i suppose to write down for Numero: Int: Referencia: Colonia Ciudad For the calle, I put my calle number and between so and so avenue. But for numero is that like a number and int: is that like a three digit number for numero and int is the lote number? I see on my amazon mexico account, the address that i use... it has the calle and between avenue and then a number sign then three digit number in front of it and a lote number that is two digits. So is that the correct way to write it? For Colonia... is it Playa Del Carmen? For Ciudad... is it Solidaridad? Referencia... I assume like give a description? Thus imagine the entrance is a blue gate, you write that? But those words (entres calles o puntos de referencia) ask between what street/landmark? Because in my amazon mexico account, my address doesn't show solidaridad... just playa del carmen twice. I have ordered without issue using amazon mexico and mercadolibre previously but looking to get something from another site so don't want to make a mistake filling out the address. Thanks.
  7. So I heard a while back that in Mexico, there is a sale every year for electronics and many things but it happens around early November right? Thus all the stores participate in it such as walmart, liverpool etc. I also recall when i checked amazon mexico, I did see a black friday and cybermonday promotion. But besides those dates, are there any more sales online in Mexico? Like for example a Christmas sale like on amazon mexico, liverpool etc?
  8. Hi there. Well my default address on file in amazon mexico is the Mexican address. The default address on file on the US address is the US address. Reason because i basically am half the year in the US and the other half the year in Mexico etc. But what you are saying, that isn't going to change anything though right if i want to buy that monitor on amazon us site and ship it to mexico? I will look at it but i always thought it didn't matter what your address is on file.. you could always change it when at the payment page etc... isn't that the exact same thing still?
  9. Hey. Well yea im in mex right now. I know i could order it from amazon mexico directly... its just that it would cost a hundred dollars or so more as oppose to buying it on amazon mexico importacion... where its basically the same monitor but shipped from the US. So that to me is a big price difference. People here mentioned how they would buy it from where its cheaper... and thats a big price difference for me... which is why i ask this question. If this was like 50 dollar price difference, i just get it off amazon mexico directly. But its around hundred dollar difference so thats why i ask this. Well the thing is if the monitor i want to buy where if i added it to my amazon us cart and then changed the address from US to mex... then it shows it would ship it and the cost... then I figure... it would be fine to order it from amazon mexico importacion then since that would mean for sure the item would ship as others here mention they ordered many electronics from amazon us or mexico imported from the US. Its just the fact that this exact monitor i want to buy... it doesn't seem to ship from amazon US when i change the address to Mex... makes me wonder if ordering it from Amazon mexico importacion would have the same issue... does that make sense? Like the tablet someone posted... i see it would work from amazon US as it woudl ship it. But most importantly, why would it seem like the one i want on amazon mexico importacion seem it would ship? Yea i wanted to buy it locally as i have previously bought electronics and items from amazon mexico directly without an issue. The thing is it cost about a hundred dollars more than if i order it amazon mexico importacion. Im not sure about you guys, but a hundred dollar price difference is quite a bit. Do most of you not really care and overpay that much for it? I have always overpaid for a ton of things so im trying to not do that anymore.
  10. Okay I will make it very simple question. If i see the monitor i want on amazon mexico... and it shows it and says the importacion which means it would be coming from the US... then i click add it to cart... then go to payment confirmation page... and it shows the total fees... such as cost... shipping cost... and import fees... and obviously it shows the Mexico address... then the option to click purchase now... then it will one hundred percent go through right? Im concerned it might get stopped at customs because the same monitor when i add it to the cart in my amazon us account...and change address from us to mexico... shows error and cannot ship from my amazon us account. Because when i tried doing the same exact thing with another monitor... it would ship with my amazon us account... but of course when you compare the total cost compared to using amazon mexico account, its much more expensive. Look at this monitor. This isn't the monitor i want to buy but look at this one. The one i want to buy... right now its not available on amazon mexico with importacion so I can't post the link to it yet to describe what im talking about. When the link is available, i can post it. https://www.amazon.com/AOC-U2790VQ-3840x2160-Frameless-DisplayPort/dp/B07LBM2DCC/ref=sr_1_3?dchild=1&keywords=AOC+27+Monitor&qid=1607197047&sr=8-3 https://www.amazon.com.mx/AOC-Q2778VQE-Pulgadas-DisplayPort-Compatible/dp/B07LBM2DCC/ref=sr_1_4?__mk_es_MX=ÅMÅŽÕÑ&dchild=1&keywords=aoc+monitor&qid=1607196950&sr=8-4 So if you buy it off amazon US site here... you pay 247 66 shipping 67 import fees Total 380 dollars roughly. If you buy it off amazon mexico and importacion... you pay 4956 pesos 620 peso shipping 1060 import fees 6636 pesos roughly or = 336 dollars. So in this situation if you want to buy the monitor, you would buy it off amazon mexico as oppose to amazon US correct? And either way, the shipping would be the same time and carrier, only cheaper on amazon mexico right? Now in the example I want to use... the same monitor when using amazon mexico importacio vs amazon mexico DIRECTLY ... cost over 2k peso price difference so around 100 dollars more. So I thought obviously purchase it from amazon mexico importacion as oppose to amazon mexico DIRECTLY if its that big of a price difference. Of course shipping would take longer. But what confuses me is why when i add that monitor to my cart in my amazon US account and change the address to Mexico... it doesn't ship? Yet the monitor above I posted... when i change the address to Mexico on amazon US... it would ship? So that concerns me because that might mean the monitor i want to buy on amazon mexico importacion which is much cheaper than amazon mexico DIRECTLY... might not ship from thre US? Since well i cannot buy it off amazon US. Like if it shows as able to ship and much more expensive price... well that would make sense and not concern me. Does that make sense in what im asking? Because isn't it the same vendor? The seller on both sites for the monitor i want to buy shows amazon export sales LLC.
  11. You mean with my amazon US account? If so, I did that each time with each different item. Such as with the item ibarra posted and that would ship to Mexico. It would work with another monitor i tried. But the monitor that i want, it showed an error. Yet... why does the same monitor... seem to show/work on amazon mexico with importacion? Ordering it directly from amazon mexico and no importation fees cost a lot of pesos more...which is why i ask this. Now if it was like a few hundred pesos, i wouldn't make it a big deal. Its close to two thousand more peso difference...
  12. I'm guessing the reason it shows it doesn't ship to Mexico on my amazon US account... but it does seem on my amazon mexico account is because its a different supplier for each of them... is that correct? But it shows amazon export sales llc... so wouldn't they be the same thing though?
  13. ibarra... when you say you bought items off amazon mexico with no issue and items didn't appear to be opened... you mean you ordered it off amazon mexico but it was imported from the US right? Did you ever notice a situation like the one i mentioned with the monitor i want? Because i thought... if it doesn't ship to Mexico when i put that monitor on amazon US site... then wouldn't the same monitor bought on amazon mexico site imported from the US might have an issue? Note... it shows Amazon Export Sales LLC as the seller for the monitor... whether i use the amazon us or mexico site. Also... is it possible to get a free trial of amazon prime with a US credit card? I keep getting error message showing.
  14. Well if i order the monitor from the amazon us site... well it shows it ships from amazon.com to my US address. But if i put mexico address, i get that message. But when i went to the amazon mexico website and saw the exact monitor on amazon mexico... and the importacion fees... it let me add the item to the cart and it shows the seller as amazon llc etc. So that would work? So has you or anyone bought from amazon mexico but the item showed as importacion and then you ordered it and it shipped to you? Okay would like if someone can explain this. For example, I tried putting another monitor i saw on amazon mexico where but it shows importacion. I added it to my cart in amazon mexico and it goes to the payment page... shows the shipping fee and import fess... then show the total amount. Above it has the confirm if i want to buy it on amazon mexico. Now with the same monitor... when i go to amazon.com US site... i added it to the cart... changed the address to mexico address... it did show that it would work shipping it here. But you have to pay a huge fee... 66 dollars for shipping... and almost 20 percent import fees. I know the import fees you have to pay when buying online. The thing is if I do this on amazon mexico site... the shipping fees are much less. Its only 600 peso fee for shipping on amazon mexico... but its more than double it on amazon.com US? Can someone explain this? Now this is what doesn't make any sense. The monitor that I do want... its available on amazon mexico but the price is very high. But they also sell the US version of the same monitor... on amazon mexico site. Its basically same monitor... just a one letter difference in the model number which make sense because i know different countries sell the same tv/monitor... but change the letter in the model number. So on amazon mexico... if i add this to the cart it shows and has a 600 peso shipping fee and also import fee and total price isn't that much. Now... when i go to amazon US site... put the same monitor to my amazon US account cart... then change the address to Mexico address... it shows an error message of not being able to ship it. Can someone explain this? Why would it seem like i could order the same monitor on amazon mexico imported from the US... but it doesn't allow it on amazon.com US site? Because my concern is if i do the order on amazon mexico and order it... it won't go through somehow because the same monitor ordered on amazon US... don't allow it. Has anyone here had an issue like this? Such that what would happen if order goes through on amazon mexico... then it gets stopped at customs? Will i get a refund to my credit card or what happens there? But with the example of the other monitor... is that what you mean by its cheaper buying it off amazon mexico than amazon US with the example i gave on the other monitor? You mentioned how order form whichever site is cheaper... but is the example i use what you mean by that?
  15. Okay so i put the item you posted in my amazon.com US account. Then changed address to mexico address and it does ship it... there is a good amount of import fees for it... but it does show it would ship it. But those monitors i tried... i get that message. So does that mean those monitors are not able to be shipped then? But why does it seem if i add the monitor from amazon mexico... that says importacion... it does seem to work? Well it doesn't... but it does get me to the payment page before confirming order? Because i thought... how would that work.... since i added the same exact monitor on the amazon US site... but changed the address to mexico and then get that message?
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