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  1. It's Saturday so that means Shrimp Fiesta and dancing to Cumbia! The Morelos Brothers are guaranteed to get you up on the dance floor. The Cumbia rhythm is infectious and we have staff to help you learn the moves 🙂 We also have 6 shrimp specials all priced at $170 pesos PLUS our full regular men. COME JOIN THE PARTY! and Bobby NEVER charges a cover! RESERVATIONS RECOMMENDED https://www.facebook.com/LaTerrazaAjijic/ LaTerrazaAjijic.com Reservations 376 108-2309 or 331 771-1641
  2. Friday is DATE NIGHT at Bobby's La Terraza! I think life lakeside could use a little more romance. So I have created Friday Date Night. Candlelight, Soft Keyboard Music by Daniel. A Rose for your Date. And Special Romantic additions to our menu. Show someone you love them. Reservations recommended https://www.facebook.com/LaTerrazaAjijic/ LaTerrazaAjijic.com Reservations 376 108-2309 or 331 771-1641
  3. Our indoor dining room is lovely and warm and we have two tower heaters for the Terrace (because it is semi enclosed they make it toasty) In addition this Saturday the 17th we have the Morelos Brothers Playing Cumbia ! Warm up on the dance floor! Check out the Lakeside Restaurant/Bistro Happenings on this web board for more details Reservations recommended https://www.facebook.com/LaTerrazaAjijic/ LaTerrazaAjijic.com Reservations 376 108-2309 or 331 771-164
  4. Back by popular demand we will be offering our "left over to go" option this Thanksgiving Dinner. We tested this for Canadian Thanksgiving and it was a huge success with about 80% of our dinners taking advantage of it. The origin was customers telling us that they loved us cooking Thanksgiving Day Dinner for them but missed having leftovers. So for an extra $100 pesos you get a to go box as you leave with a turkey sandwich with a side of gravy and dressing and cranberry sauce. WHAT A GREAT IDEA! Perfect for a midnight snack or lunch the next day.
  5. We are Celebrating Thanksgiving Thursday November 22nd. It is a time of celebration and gratitude. A time of friends and food and fun. I am playing host again this year after a couple of years away; with a spectacular dinner. Please make your reservation early, we have limited space and I hate to turn anyone away
  6. Lakeside Restaurant/Bistro Happenings category on this web board is a great place to follow what is happening in the local Restaurant Scene. I know Elegante has already posted their Thanksgiving Menu there. We at la Terraza are already about 1/2 booked for Nov 22nd and will be publishing our Thanksgiving menu there today as well as on our website http://laterrazaajijic.com/ One of the things we keep hearing from customers is how they love to have us do the dinner but miss having leftovers for a midnight snack or lunch the next day. On Canadian Thanksgiving we started a promotion called "A Sandwich to Go" in which for an extra $100 pesos we made you a Turkey sandwich with gravy, and dressing and cranberry sauce to go. Fantastic Response with about 3/4 of our dinners taking a sandwich box home. We will be doing the same promotion for US Thanksgiving on Nov 22nd
  7. We are having an overcast day lakeside (related to a tropical storm over on the coast I think) so what to do? Stay home or come out to our Sunday Champagne Brunch? Champagne brings out the sunshine in your soul! Turn your grey Sunday around with us!
  8. We are launching our new high season hours and starting Nov 4th with the exception of Sundays (when we open at 11am for our Champagne Brunch) we will now open for dinner at 430. We are continuing our Early Bird Promotion from 430 pm to 5pm.
  9. Sunday Brunch .... What a GOOD Idea! We have given ours a menu with Mexican Modern Flair but also some traditional favorites! Then because Champagne on Sunday is a great idea we have made that a part of our Sunday Menu ! We are serving a Pol Remy Brut which on our regular menu is 70 pesos a glass (280 a bottle) and serving on Sunday Brunch 55 pesos a glass or as a Mimosa 45 pesos AND just to start your Sunday right! ... your first Mimosa is ONLY 25 PESOS!!!!!! WHAT A DEAL AND our Mimosas are made with fresh squeezed Orange Juice Call for Reservations (376) 108 2309 and check out our menu on our website http://laterrazaajijic.com/sunday-champagne-brunch/…
  10. Be sure to turn your clocks back 1 hour tonight before going to bed. The actual time change is at 2am on Sunday Oct 28th. https://www.timeanddate.com/time/change/mexico If your phone or computer timezone is set to the US or Canadian equivalent time zone (Central). It will not automatically change. You will have to do it manually. The daylight savings time change in Mexico is not the same as in the USA and Canada (which is Nov 4th)
  11. Of course. We can also offer our fresh made fruit agua frescas. Agua fresca is a light fruit drink popular throughout Mexico It's simply made by blending fruit with water, a bit of sugar and a little lime juice. Healthy, refreshing and a great way to start your meal. Ask about our flavors that day
  12. For those of you who are not wine drinkers. I can offer a beer or a margarita instead 🙂
  13. Check out our updated menu online on our website http://laterrazaajijic.com/our-food/menu/
  14. Last week I spoke of something new for the restaurant. We have started and Early Bird Dining Promotion! I understand that a lot of our customers prefer to dine early and we appreciate those diners. People who come in early allow us to also seat diners who come in around 630 or 7pm (our busier seating time). So here is the promotion. Dinners who come in from 4pm to 5 pm have access to our complete regular menu but they receive a complimentary glass of our fabulous house wine and a complimentary house salad with their meal. What a deal! This Special is for all days we are open!
  15. Fantastic response to this post. We had a capacity crowd this last Saturday! Thank you. We will be continuing our Saturday Shrimp Fiesta with 6 shrimp specials for only 170 pesos. The response to Noe and the Classics was great and he was overwhelmed by your welcome for him. He has asked to play again when he is next in town. I will keep you posted
  16. One of the most popular bands lakeside for years was "Noe and the Classics". This Jalisco based band plays a variety of music from the classics (60's & 70s), rock, ballads, latin & instrumentals, singing in both Spanish and English. Noe left lakeside for a new adventure over on the coast a few years ago. Today Noe (who is in town visiting family) stopped in to say hi and congratulate me on the new restaurant. One thing led to another and guess what.....????? HE'S GOING TO PLAY HERE THIS SATURDAY FROM 630 TO 930 !!!!!!!!!! It seems a great launch for our Saturday Shrimp Fest (last week was kind of a soft trial). So put on your dancing shoes come have a fun evening with an old friend and enjoy 6 different shrimp specials each $170 pesos. Bobby NEVER charges a cover. Bobbys La Terraza Carretera Poniente #26 Ajijic, Jalisco, Mexico 45920 Get Directions 376 108 2309 331 771 1641
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