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  1. What could be better than a Bobby Holiday Luncheon Social? How about a special gourmet 3 course menu for only $125 pesos and 50 pesos margaritas, champagne and house wine? Happy Holidays!!!! Please reserve early seating is limited!
  2. Santa Baby... how about some Holiday FUN? I LOVE Abby and Rocio! They are always so fun and joyous and I have created a GREAT menu to celebrate with them. Hope to see many of you there. Please reserve as seating is limited
  3. Guess who is planning a party next week? and YOU'RE INVITED!!!!!! Wed Nov 20th is Mexican Revolution Day and I've got a great party planned. Reserve early I always sell out and seating is limited
  4. Thank you for the kind words and suggestions. I thought to take this opportunity to share our new fall hours. Hope to see many of you soon
  5. Well it looks like we did it again. This months Mamma Mia show has sold out for Aug 28th! THREE WEEKS BEFORE THE EVENT!!!!! So I talked to Abby and Rocia. They have agreed to do an additional show on August 29th!!! Please get your tickets early
  6. Sorry the August 28th show is sold out (THREE WEEKS BEFORE THE SHOW!!!!!) Abby and Rocia have agree to be held over one extra night and we are hosting them on Aug 29th as well. PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE get your tickets early while they last!
  7. Our Mama Mia Show next week sold out completely within days of posting .....so .... I have arranged yet another show for August 28th. We had a LOT of people wanting tickets that we had to disappoint for the July 24th show. Please Please Please do not wait to get your tickets for this one. We are almost a month and a half out from this new show and ALREADY have sold almost 1/3 of out tickets.
  8. well tickets completely sold out on this within days. There are a lot of disappointed people and so we arranged to do a repeat performance for Wed Aug 28th. We have ALREADY sold about 1/3 of THOSE tickets so please please please get your tickets to the August 28th show soon. Don't wait.
  9. Abby and Rocio are coming back for a repeat performance. Every time we have hosted this show it has sold out quickly. Please Please Please get your tickets early. I hate to turn people away
  10. Here are some of our Fathers Day Brunch Entrees... Here are some of our Fathers Day Brunch Entrees... Eggs Terraza, 2 potato pancakes topped with a generous portion of thick sliced roasted Rib Eye, poached eggs and topped with a creamy au jus with horseradish on the side... Steak and Eggs, a classic for men..a grilled Choice USDA Top Sirloin Steak, topped with shredded onion rings and served with eggs to your liking Our Crab Benedict, 2 real Mazatlan Crab Cakes, topped with poached eggs and an artichoke Bearnaise sauce Crepe Al Mar, jumbo shrimp sauteed with scallops in a white wine sauce, finished with fresh spinach Crepe Mexicano, roast pork Berria, scrambled eggs, refried beans, three cheeses and a creamy salsa pico de gallo Roast Brisket with Red Cabbage, Roast Pork with Apples AND Of Course, Eggs Benedict
  11. This Sunday Show Him You Care. Please Reserve your Table. Seating is limited
  12. Looks like we have a full house for Noe and the classics next Wed May 29th. Sorry folks. I already have a waiting list in case anyone cancels
  13. Thank you Gringa Gal for your lovely review and to everyone else for your thoughts. When you have spent as many years in this industry as I have (over 50 ) you realize that listening to feedback both good and bad is important. I came to Mexico in my 30's. First in Puerto Vallarta, then Guadalajara and 30 years ago began coming to the Lake to cater private parties and then opened my first restaurant here. I have learned you can not please all of the people all of the time but that you do need to be flexible and adapt. That was the case when I opened La Terraza as a Mexican Modern concept originally. A year ago no one was doing that type of food and now in Ajijic alone there are 4 to 10 (depending on your interpretation of the term). I admit I like to stand out from the crowd and in talking to customers I had a lot of people asking for recipes they remembered me doing 25, 15 even 10 years ago. As a side bar let me say it is humbling to have people remember your cooking so vividly. That is when I began considering La Terraza Gourmet and going back to my roots in the California French Restaurant Revolution in the 70's. One of the challenges of doing that quality of food in a retirement community is menu price. I knew I could not provide the quality without raising prices which would be a deal breaker for many on a retirement budget. My solution was to give value with that price instead of the trend in restaurants (and airlines) of charging a la carte for every little thing). So the menu is a price fixe in the evening. You can relax while browsing the menu with a table appetizer (included with your meal), You can enjoy a choice of at least 2 of my popular soups, you have a salad course and then your choice of entree. AND I have tried to offer a range of entrees depending on appetite and budget. Gringa Gal the dessert is not included in the entree price it is a la carte since many of my customers either don't do dessert or eat lighter after a 4 course meal (many chose to share a dessert with their dining partner). My vision for La Terraza Gourment was a casual elegant relaxed dining experience different from other restaurants in town - a niche not being served. In answer to just serving a single entree I do continue to offer that as a lunch option all the way up to 5pm. I hope that this explains a little bit of the theory behind the menu and as always I understand a restaurant is only as good as the last happy client. PS Computer Guy: When you are as old as I am there are some days that you do dream of retirement; but I have learned after retiring a few years ago that cooking for people is in my blood and I thrive on the interaction of customers and their feed back (it is like hosting a dinner party every day). When I am ready to finally step down I will let you know 🙂 )
  14. Noe is COMING BACK! Last year our good friends Noe and the Classics made a short return Lakeside and performed to packed houses on two one night stand engagements. I can confirm hes going to come back this Wednesday May 29th!!!! This Jalisco based band plays a variety of music from the classics (60's & 70s), rock, ballads, latin & instrumentals, singing in both Spanish and English. Noe left lakeside for a new adventure over on the coast a few years ago. Noe will be coming back to town to be with family and wants to play again at La Terraza. So those of you who had so much fun Oct and Nov, this is your chance for a repeat! Those who missed it and heard about how fantastic it was, here is YOUR chance. Don't delay and make your reservation. We will fill up quickly! So put on your dancing shoes come have a fun evening with an old friend and enjoy a wonderful fun evening. Bobby NEVER charges a cover but you will need a reservation
  15. The Party tomorrow is completely sold out! Look forward to celebrating with you all!
  16. Whether it is Brunch, Lunch or Dinner. La Terraza Gourmet is the place to show her you care. Please reserve early. Seating will be limited
  17. May is almost upon us and I have been busy planning 🙂 Stay tuned for details and menus
  18. You all know, I am ALWAYS thinking of new fun things for my friends and customers... Here is the latest! Tuesday Crepe Creations! One of the staples of classic French cooking is a crepe. I feature them on our regular lunch and dinner menus and not only are they light and delicious but they lend themselves to a variety of savory entrees limited only by your creativity in what you use as a filling. So every Tuesday is a celebration of crepes from 1pm to 8pm. The price is a great deal and like all my dinner entrees includes your appetizer plate, your choice of one of our amazing soups and a house salad...BUT on Tuesday's only this 4 course is available all day. What do you think? I think it will bring a little fun and excitement to a boring Tuesday. No French Beret required to celebrate Crepe Tuesdays
  19. ABBA RETURNS This Coming Monday Is Sold Out! For Those Who Are Disappointed For Not Getting Theirs In Time, We Will Be Repeating This Fabulous Show JUST ONE MORE TIME! Thursday , April 25th, Dinner Show, Tickets Available Only At Bobby’s
  20. ABBA RETURNS This Coming Monday Is Sold Out! For Those Who Are Disappointed For Not Getting Theirs In Time, We Will Be Repeating This Fabulous Show JUST ONE MORE TIME! Thursday , April 25th, Dinner Show, Tickets Available Only At Bobby’s
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