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  1. chartiec: Thanks for the suggestions. It looks like the Laredo to Matahuala to Ajijic route is going to work best for us. We have gotten great recommendations on Facebook about the Las Palmas Midway Inn in Matahuala, so we are going to try that route for our first trip to Ajijic. We'll keep the route through Chihuahua in mind for the future.
  2. Rvanparys: were you on Cuota 57 on the outskirts of Monterrey going through Saltillo, or were you in the center of Monterrey?
  3. Brian, Thanks for the great info. We need to be in Ajijic on Fri. Nov. 2, so we can adjust our departure dates from Phoenix accordingly. Now that Hurricane Willa is bearing down on Mazatlan, our trip down 15D seems doomed. So we are reading your post again and we appreciate your years of experience on all of these roads. I noticed that RickS still prefers to cross at Santa Teresa outside of El Paso, and he recommended that we could break up the trip to Ajijic into 3 legs, but I am having trouble finding pet-friendly hotels along the way around Jiminez and Zacatecas. So here are my new questions for you: 1-How long would it take to get to San Luis Potosi, which is 450 miles from Laredo? There is a Staybridge Suites there which is pet-friendly. Then the next day we would have a shorter drive to Ajijic of 221 miles which would be good since it will be Nov. 2 Dia de Los Muertos, and we are staying at Hotel Victoria near Centro so parking and crowds could be an issue. We don't want to get in late that day, that's for sure. 2- Any concerns about massive amounts of rain in the Monterrey area as Hurricane Willa cuts across Mexico towards South Texas this week? In other words, is the cuota in good shape and not susceptible to flood or mudslide damage? 3-Where can I find a breakdown of the toll amounts we will owe at each toll booth, or can you give me a good ball park figure of how many pesos we will need for the tolls? Thanks so much, Brian, for all your help. Travelers have to be flexible and prepared for everything, including late-season Pacific hurricanes! Go figure, right?
  4. Thanks for your prompt and informative reply, Rick! This sounds like it could be a great alternative for us to consider. However, because we are traveling with our 90 pound yellow lab, I've been researching "dog-friendly hotels" in each city. I looked up Hotel Santa Fe in Camargo, and it said "no pets." Then I looked up WIM in Camargo and there was not a pet policy listed. American Inn in Hidalgo del Parral said "No Pets." When I search for Pet Friendly hotels, I can only find them in Chihuahua City. We have found and booked very nice Pet Friendly hotels on the 15D route in Nogales, Navajoa, and Mazatlan, so we may just have to roll the dice and stick with our original plan. I have been messaging with a lady who just drove down last week from Nogales and she said there was very little construction and they did not have a problem.
  5. Thanks, Rick. Since it is 986 miles from Santa Teresa to Ajijic, we would have to break that up into 2 nights (we have a dog and a driver with a newly-fused back), going about 300-400 miles each day, and preferably less miles on the last day so we get into Ajijic at a decent hour since it will be Dia de Los Muertos (Nov. 2). Would there be logical places to stay along the way that I can look up and book in advance?
  6. Those are all valid points to consider about Phoenix to Nogales vs. Laredo It would be 440 miles further for us to go to Laredo, so at least one extra day and night on the road with longer drives each day, so that sort of negates the concerns about tolls and gas prices. I 'm wondering if anyone has information on the status of 15D since the storms of the last 2 weeks. Is there a website to check on the Cuota road conditions in Mexico? I don't mind if it's in Spanish, thank you Google Translate. If we decide to take 15D, I would like to make sure the roads and bridges on 15D weren't damaged near Los Mochis and Culiacan. As for taking 49D through Chihuahua (which would only be 100 miles longer drive), what is the danger level driving through Chihuahua vs. Sinaloa? Appreciate all the feedback from the voices of experience!
  7. It sounds like 15D is often under construction in one spot or another every year. We are leaving on October 30 and have all our reservations along the way since we have a yellow Lab and have to have pet-friendly hotels. It is 185 miles from our home near Scottsdale, AZ to Nogales, where we will stop for the night in order to get an early start from the border at the Mariposa Truck Crossing outside Nogales. Then we are planning to stop in Navajoa(400 miles) and the next night in Mazatlan(350 miles) on our way to Ajijic(335 miles). On the other hand, if we have to go to Laredo, that is a 1065 miles (long 2 days)journey from our house. Then it sounds like crossing the border there can be really congested and take a long time. Then we have to drive 650 miles to Ajijic, stopping in Matajuala for one night. Pros and cons of each plan? Thoughts and opinions from you seasoned veterans out there? Many thanks.
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