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  1. I just renewed mine, without an appointment, just walked in, took no test of any kind (not vision, driving, written or computer). I had my receipt for payment and all necessary documents and copies, and walked out about 10 minutes later holding my renewed license. I was beyond shocked. One thing they wanted that wasn't on the list of necessary documents was my passport, which I fortunately had. If your problem is getting to the camera, a facilitator wouldn't be able to help, but the guy at the front desk was extremely helpful and I'll bet that he'd be willing to assist you. The process was super easy and they were very accommodating. Good luck.
  2. As stated above, John Brennan is a litigator. He doesn't do things that a facilitator or paralegal could do - obtaining driver's licenses, immigration, etc. He's a trial attorney, speaks English and won a major court case for a friend of mine.
  3. I think you're talking about Guillermo Cuen at that address. He's an attorney, not a notary, but operates under the license of a relative who is a notary. He did two closings for me many years ago, and that sounds like his address.
  4. True that there are no codicils in Mexico. Speak to a notario, not an attorney. There are plenty of really good notarios around. I personally respect and trust a notario in Chula Vista - Luis Enrique Ramos Bustillos - 376-76-60190.
  5. John Brennan has an ad on page 10 of this week's Guadalajara Reporter. His phone number is 33 3647 7522 and his office e-mail is: bva.sc@megared.net.mx
  6. If you're determined to speak to a bilingual attorney who's experienced in litigation, I highly recommend John Brennan. He litigated a case for a friend of mine and won. I've lived here for 26 years, and he's the only local attorney I'd trust with litigation. I believe that his office is on Guadalupe Victoria in the village Sorry, but I don't have his phone number. There are many local bilingual attorneys who do real estate, immigration, a little of this and a little of that, but John Brennan is a litigator.
  7. My TV did the same thing last week, but I talked to a friend who explained that the sound and the picture come through different wires and he suggested that I check the wires. Sure enough, one was loose and the TV has been fine ever since. I must have bumped that wire when I was dusting behind the TV, and that's why I lost the picture. Check your wires before you take it to a TV shop.
  8. I did it in one day. It was easy. It's a fairly short walk on CBX, and it wasn't crowded. I landed in TJ, walked over the border via the CBX and was standing in CA at 7:45 a.m. I had reserved a Hertz rental car which was waiting for me where I exited the airport. I drove to the city of Chula Vista, about 15 miles north of the border, got my shot at a CVS, had lunch, did a little shopping and came home. I did that twice. It was shockingly easy considering that I know nothing about southern CA, but was still able to find a CVS, a great restaurant and some pretty good shopping. One day.
  9. I sometimes use Ishop's Laredo address to receive things like credit cards, etc. I pay Ishop 60 p. for each piece, or about $3. The poster is asking for $80 for 14 months or about $6 US per month and he specifies that it must be someone who gets little mail and no magazines. Unless you receive more than 2 pieces of mail every month, I don't understand the advantage. I also have a p.o. box in Chapala where I get things like Christmas cards, and only use Ishop for things like credit cards.
  10. Azucena Bateman is a local MXN attorney who is the "go-to" for a lot of newbies. She's experienced, qualified and I'm sure that she could help with your tax questions. She's on Facebook, I think under "ABC Legal". I highly recommend her.
  11. To me, the doctor's "ha ha" response is sad and snide. I expect better from a professional. He may have made a profit on the flu vaccinations, but I suspect he lost patients over it.
  12. Dr. Hernandez - I don't often post on this webboard, but I read it every day because I learn a lot from it. Today, I received 7 "likes" to my post from other readers and one message. It was from you. Just a smiley face emoji and the words "ha ha". Did I miss something, maybe the rest of your message, or was this in fact your entire response? Your total response was "ha ha"??? Very professional.
  13. Dr. Hernandez - At your suggestion, I went back and re-read your post. Twice. You spent more time describing the many community projects and charities you're involved in than explaining why you charge so much more than anyone else for the flu vaccine. I still don't understand what one has to do with the other. For me, the bottom line is that you charge much more than for-profit medical providers such as Lydia at 750 p. or Seguro Popular who administers the vaccine for free. I agree that you should make a profit, but this looks to me like gouging. Fortunately, Lakeside is blessed with many physicians who don't feel the same as you and who don't wave a flag about their charity work.
  14. I will support the community projects of my choosing, and am concerned that Chapala Med feels justified in raising prices to cover their charity work. If Chapala Med wants to support community projects, that's wonderful, but don't expect their patients to subsidize the cost.
  15. Maybe I missed it, but I don't see the word "original" in any of the above language posted by AlanMexicali. My notario, Ramos, told me that the copy he notarized and affixed a seal to carries the same weight as the original.
  16. For 50 pesos, a notario will give you a notarized copy with a seal on it. I never carry my original, just the notarized copy. If cashing a check at Intercam, they ask to see it and the notarized copy is fine. If I use my Intercam debit card to pay my TelMex bill (when it was open), they ask to see my permanente i.d. and the notarized copy is always sufficient. The original never leaves my house unless I'm leaving the country and need the original when crossing borders. The local police have nothing to do with INM and have no authority to ask for proof of residence.
  17. I received my North Carolina ballot yesterday, along with explicit directions re faxing and mailing. I'll fax, and NC has a way for me to confirm that it was received. Super easy.
  18. I was there on Friday to make an appointment for a friend, but the woman I spoke to said that appointments are no longer necessary because they're not that busy now.
  19. Yes, Azucena is the best for immigration matters. I highly recommend her.
  20. I walked in without an appointment and 10 minutes later walked out with my plates. Easy.
  21. I'd talk to local attorney Azucena Bateman of ABC Legal. She's the real immigration expert, responds quickly to phone calls and e-mails and her fees are very reasonable. There are many Mexican attorneys in town who are capable and could help, but Azucena has never disappointed me.
  22. I've been here for 25 years and have never taken a driving test. I only took a written test once, but a monkey could have passed it. When I applied for my first MXN driver's license, I had a valid current license from the States, so that may make a difference in whether you must take a driving test.
  23. I agree with Joan Sikes on this. I've been to both Dr. Gabriel and Dr. Gonzales and think that Dr. Gabriel at Quality Care is the best, hands down.
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