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  1. #4.  RESPONSE.   I did this at Laredo August 2016. Bought a M/C in Houston, exported from USA, imported to MX. Used a combination broker/car dealer called; Hermanos Cuevas Agencia Aduanal. Expect to pay >$2,000 US. Warning, they speak very little English and do their transactions in cash. A new rule since 2016; expect to take 3 days to export while CBP Checks to ensure vehicle is legit and in particular not stolen. Contact Hermanos Cuevas in advance to confirm it is eligible for import and the cost. I may be doing this again myself to buy another M/C and I intend to call CBP to confirm process for exportation as well as expected time frame. I anticipate it will likely take 3 days because it is a busy port of entry...just speculating. Hope this helps. I couldn’t find anyone locally to help me. Biggest help was a site called ‘Surviving the Yucatan’, along with MANY hours on line generally. Additional information; get a transit permit from Hermanos to bring your car back to Jalisco. It took me 3 weeks and 3 trips to the main Recuadadora in Guadalajara because they need to verify with the national MX registry that you paid all taxes, duties & fees before they issue plates. These charges are part of the fee to Hermanos and they pay them on you behalf. Once they verify the pedimento (obtained by the broker) and payments you will get your Jalisco plates.

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