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  1. Ich bin ein mexikaner und ich möchte mein deutsch verbessern, meine Muttersprache ist Spanisch und ich kann auch englisch sprechen. Wir können über alles sprechen, nicht wie eine Klasse, oder Möchtest du dein Spanisch verbessern?, ich kann dir helfen. Wenn du interessiert bist, bitte schicke mir eine nachricht oder eine E-mail Email: isaiasehp@gmail.com Whatsapp: 3336620326
  2. Hi everyone My name is Isaias, I'm currently looking for a job, I'm Mexican and I am 22 years old. I can speak very good English (and of course Spanish), and I have very good computer technical skills, illustration and design, but I am always open to learning and doing a lot of things. If you are interested and you need some help with anything please contact me and we can discuss the job. Contact information: WhatsApp: 3336620326 Email: isaiasehp@gmail.com I am still studying at university, so I'm free every day after 2:00 pm. Thanks for the time to read this post.
  3. do you still have it?, im interest on that console
  4. Sorry for answer it until now, are you still interested? I'm male, i can help to you and your husband, please if you still interested please send me a message for my e-mail or whatsapp Thank you, regards! Email - isaiasehp@gmail.com WhatsApp - 3336620326
  5. Do you want to improve your spanish, i want to improve my english speaking skills (i'm a native spanish speaker), we can do a lenguages exchange 1 hour in spanish and 1hour in english or maybe more. if you are interested please send me a message to make a deal Email - isaiasehp@gmail.com WhatsApp - 3336620326
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