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  1. Traitte does deliver for us, and now with Lakeside gone, we are working towards finding a personal delivery driver or saving up for a moped/motorcycle to deliver. For now use Traitte and hang tight!!
  2. My response on Facebook to this same OP -- Hi Cam! Thank you for your compliments, and in regards to the Wednesday entertainment, they have been let go. We let them play through the dates we had agreed on, but knew we would not be keeping them on the entertainment schedule. Our only other regular live music is on Mondays, at 6pm, and it is a lovely jazz trio called The Groovy Roosters. Great musicians, no singing, easy to talk with your table still, people do like them and come specifically for them! I cant remember if you have been here on a Monday night while they have played, but I assure you they are a much better atmosphere. I am sorry your friends had to have their first experience here on that night, but please bring them back for dinner...we will have a bottle of wine waiting for you, on the house! See you soon!
  3. @ComputerGuy We actually did have plastic containers in the beginning for other to go items on the menu besides pizza, but regardless of that, we charge for our boxes because we swtiched over to all eco-friendly or biodegrable containers and they are quite pricey compared to the other stuff! We do not add a charge for a box if you order delivery or takeout, only if you have dined in and need a box for leftovers. Its a little bit of help to curb the high cost of bio products. Even our *plastic* to go cups are biodegradble, we use avocado seed straws, to go containers for sauce/parmesan/pepper flakes -- all earth friendly. Definitely not a money grab since only a small portion of take out containers are used by dine-in customers.
  4. Hello! Purple Garlic Pizza Brothers is nice and warm due to our stone pizza oven - especially the tables closest to the kitchen area!
  5. Hello! I went through our menu, adding up all of the options you listed above using our highest priced item in each category, and the total came to 1105 pesos. About $59 USD! So it only gets cheaper from there! Give us a try :)
  6. @ManxMan We are at Carretera Oriente #7, between Marcos Castellanos and Colon. Attached to Mias Boutique and directly across from the Sutidorde la Ribera. @ComputerGuy Our prices are based on cost and profit margin, like every functioning business. We use imported yeast, flour, tomatoes, and cheese to start, plus high-quality ingredients for the rest of the menu, including local organic butter, local sausage, local organic goat cheese etc. The cost of banana peppers alone is quite high due to it being a speciality product here. If I could keep the business running at lower costs with the same ingredients, I would! Every restaurant has a profit margin on their costs, so if another place has another meal cheaper, their costs are lower to start with. Maybe one day you will give us a shot!
  7. @gringal We do deliver! Our phone number is 376-766-0850. Parking we cant help, but you could swing by in a cab! Pizza is always best on the spot! Hope to see you soon! @suegarn We do serve wine by the glass and by the bottle! We have 4 lines to choose from -Vina Maipo, Fincas Las Moras, Trapiche, and Monte Xanic. We also carry Santa Alba Pinot Grigio...see you soon!
  8. Hello! Purple Garlic Pizza Brothers is new in town! We look forward to meeting you all soon!! Business hours are 1-9pm, closed on Tuesdays. In the near future we will be open until midnight on Saturdays with live music for Salsa Night. We will also soon start Trivia night on Thursdays and wings on Wednesdays. Our upstairs balcony has a ping pong table and a large, two room, supervised childrens area! Please follow us on Facebook for the most up to date information.
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