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  1. We sold a house in Florida from here--The Title company y hooked us up with a virtual notary and we did some kind of face to face video chat and it worked great last summer.
  2. I would advise not to use O'rourke insurance agency--we have been with them for years and the company Mapfire that they put us with is stalling , stalling and stalling on paying a claim that we filed for $5000 us for items stolen in a break in of our house. I guess their plan is to get stalling until we give up. We have done everything they ask including reams of paperwork and they keep asking for the same things over and over and never return calls or emails. They also denied a claim on a computer stolen from our car.
  3. I have been doing business with Antonio of R&R auto for several years and he has proven to be honest with me and those I have referred to him --You might want to reach out to him and see if he can be of assistance in registration issues
  4. I am looking for Solar Installer references--need 8 panels of good quality

    1. Go Solar

      Go Solar

      Hi kelly8762,

      Pls send me an email so we can better connect; ideally with your CFE bill and phone #.


      Happy to help you in the best & most cost effective way.


  5. someone please give us a name of someone you can recommend---don't care about all the nickel and dime evaluations--just need a good contractor
  6. If I have a problem with a guy driving a yellow cab, who do I call or register a complaint with???
  7. can anyone recommend any contractors for roofing and plumbing and electrical?
  8. So I saw an ad for Total Vision selling high speed internet and a great television package---Is it true and is it local at Lakeside????
  9. I see the tire info is 3 years old-ish and I would like to know where people at lakeside go for tires --I assume Costco but I was looking for other options--
  10. I meant 2 meg not 2 gig ----2 gig ha ha
  11. I am staying at La nueva Pasada and we are gettin almost 2 gig so anything close to that works for me--I guess telmex is best
  12. I have comcast in Florida and speeds are as fast a I can move the keys and mouse—-I lived here 10 years ago and the internet was basically dial up—So I don’t expect high speed (remember I lived here before) but I need to know what is the fastest internet service I can get and how much in lower Chula Vista ( behind cafe Montana)
  13. Are there Padrons or Fuentes available anywhere or can you have them mailed in
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