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  1. Chef Andrew: 331.517.8930 Great guy, great food.
  2. Thank you for the heads up. I'm very picky about the hooker-infested, meth-reeking, floor-flooded, dump hotels that I frequent - short and long term. I'll certainly change my Trip Advisor rating of the Hotel Corinto based on your experience. Cheers!
  3. I totally understand the threat of plastics on the environment, but I'm also old enough to remember not too long ago everyone was, "Save the trees! Don't use paper! The 'paperless office' is the future!". The only constant is change. How long until it changes to something else?
  4. An absolute masterclass in trolling. *slow clap*
  5. So... you say you speak Spanish, have "purchased hundreds and hundreds of properties around the world", you have many rich Tapatios for friends, and, based on your posts, a lot of money... Then why are you asking a bunch of ex-pat strangers of indeterminate means on a public webboard about real estate investing advice in Mexico? Based on your posts, one would think you would have many wealthy friends in Guadalajara (as you claim) that would give you the skinny on what's hot out here, and probably the inside track as well. Sorry, you seem personable, but something here doesn't add up. Just my two pesos.
  6. Rick Sanchez


    I'm sorry, but when a restaurant opens its doors to the paying public all bets are off. It's sink or swim time and if the owner doesn't know enough to poach, hire, or train good cooks and waitstaff, they don't belong in the business. And probably won't be for long.
  7. Kind of like suggesting someone seek out a doctor instead of relying on a webboard for medical advice?
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