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  1. Works perfectly for us using it via the Amazon Prime Video channel.
  2. Hey, Jonny, maybe some of the above posters have you on "ignore" and didn't see your post.
  3. I've been there a few times, and certainly enjoyed the food, but did find it a pricey experience with all things considered. As MC wrote, there are other options for the money spent. YMMV.
  4. The reason we're busting your b@lls is that you would rather post a question on a webboard and then wait for what could be hours for an answer that may or may not be what you want. Instead, you could use Google to find the information in less than a minute, and have many answers to choose from. But, hey, whatever floats your boat.
  5. Yup. Heck of a lot easier than using Google, ain't it?
  6. I think Angus is too new to town to remember John and his supper-club posse.
  7. Now there's a chap I haven't thought of in a long time.
  8. What has dumbfounded me for years down here, is the lack of interest in so many restaurant owners and cooks who don't care to improve upon their products and services. YouTube has thousands of excellent videos and recipes from experts in everything from Asian food, BBQ and... you name it. But I guess when the egos think they have it perfected and the people still come through the door, then why bother to make it better? It's a shame.
  9. I streamed it in HD from the original source on my BBC iPlayer.
  10. I got a couple of cramps from all the cringing I was doing. Yeesh.
  11. I think Arroyos' point is to not count your chickens before they hatch. One connected customer does not equal a thousand satisfied ones.
  12. And I wonder how many ex-pats who speak out against "socialized" health care up north are more than happy to sign up for IMSS or SP down here?
  13. Cool! So they're calling everybody who signed up? Or, how did you get on this special list?
  14. I suspect that anyone who has the substantial money and energy needed to fight "City Hall" here, would probably prefer to spend that money and energy moving from here to a place that suited them better and avoid the inevitable pains in the butt that will result.
  15. Took me 1:20 from Hotel Pescador (12:40 PM to 2 PM). And, yes, they are filling multiple jerry cans/jugs.
  16. Filled up at the Los Sabinos BP last evening. $500 peso maximum limit per vehicle and it took me a total of 35 minutes from when I got into line to when I drove away. I don't know what that station's status is this morning.
  17. Practically, the chances that you're going to earn enough from a self-published eBook on Amazon that you'll have to declare taxes on the income are very, very, slim. I would just publish to your heart's content and worry about the taxman later when those royalty cheques start rolling in. 😉 Source: One of my fiction pieces earned enough on Amazon - from a legitimate publisher - to buy a couple of lunches. But I had fun.
  18. My God. All this vitriol over coffee. First World problems, indeed.
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