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  1. TOWN HALL MEETING: This will be the first Town Hall meeting by the new Administration, especially geared for Gringos. The Municipal de Chapala urges you to attend this meeting which was coordinated in direct response to the outcry of complaints about the corruption, mordidas, extortion and intimidation from the traffic officers. Hosting this meeting will be: * Comandante del municipal de Chapala Transito - Gerardo Mejia Bautista * Director de Policía de Seguridad Público - Amador Bacena Pizon * Oficial Mayor de City Services - Sergio Gutierrez Tejada * Expat Liaison - Hector España Ramos Intentions of the meeting: The Municipal Government of Chapala, through Hector España, is inviting you to attend a Town Hall meeting with the purpose of updating the expat community on the Transito Police concerns and subsequent actions implemented by our authorities. The new administration is staunch in its conviction to govern with transparency and exemplify a new leadership, end rumors, update community and make a change. This is not to be missed. There will be vital and important information shared, as well as unexpected actions taken. If you have questions, doubts or concerns this will be an opportunity for them to be addressed. This is not a political gathering, but rather a venue for the Gringo community to have a voice and to be informed. The meeting will be conducted in English and/or with translator. When and where: Friday, November 16th @ 3:30 pm. Lake Chapala Society. You called. They answered. So SHOW UP or SHUT UP.
  2. I do Border Concierge/Border Crossings and can help you with this. Feel free to send me a message. Thanks.
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