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  1. Thank you, Rick. I wish I got a different answer as my hair is falling out with Spiderweb's "service" or lack thereof... Does anyone know of an internet cafe or coffee shop (or any equivalent with wifi) that offers a solid stable connection lakeside? Chapala to Jocotepec, anywhere along there?
  2. I own a condo in Riberas Del Chante, a gated fracc just outside of Jocotepec almost directly across the carreterra from Las Fuentes. Currently we do not have TelMex service and I am wondering if we will be able to receive Ilox's service? I'm happy to pay the money up front as I see the value in Ilox's service but I won't pay until I know with certainty that I will be eligible for the service in my Fracc. Most of my neighbors just visit their condos on vacation and probably would not contribute for Ilox's service much less vote to install underground conduit (if necessary?). Can anyone confirm whether or not my Fracc will be able to receive their service? Or put me in contact with an Ilox rep that I can speak to about my Fracc? I'm not clear on the requirement for underground conduit as I have read some say it is necessary in a gated fracc and other's say the service will run CFE's Poles not underground conduit. I really appreciate any clarification or contact info to an Ilox rep who can assist. Thank you!
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