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  1. The border is between countries. The boarder lives upstairs.
  2. Textnow app will give you a us number that receives calls and text messages and rings through to your cell phone here. Inexpensive and works well.
  3. I bought one, it worked ok for a while then started losing channels and buffering a lot. Now on Clear Choice with much better results.
  4. Google mesh or TP-link mesh systems have worked well for me.
  5. You should remember that if you earn money in Mexico you need to get a tax number and pay income tax here.
  6. The online Apple store Mexico delivered my Air in 2 days, no problems.
  7. We also used Arturo and Leticia with good results. 331 280 6773, he is on whatsapp and speaks english if that is important.
  8. My internet was installed same day I ordered it. It has been fast, 15 ms down, and reliable ever since. I have telmex for backup but rarely need it. The wizz tv is not so good, I have other options.
  9. I installed trial directv go, only english channel I see is CNN. Many american shows, but spanish is dubbed in. What am I missing?
  10. Thanks for the help, uninstalling and reinstalling worked
  11. The BBBA app on my android phone hasnĀ“t worked for several days. Anyone else?
  12. I paid online for a grocery pickup at the store. When I got there, nobody knew anything about the order, even after I showed them the confirming email indicating it was paid.. They said they would send it to my house later but I would need to pay again as they did not have a record of my payment. I said no thanks, I would not pay twice. No refund so far.
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