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  1. any one want to bet how this thread accidentally gets deleted as well?
  2. So was I. I have witnessed his and his wife / partner's behavior on other sites and in person in their restaurant.
  3. I have witnessed it not only here but on other sites and in the restaurant first hand in how I have seen staff and customers treated. "by your actions so you are known"
  4. What? You mean that all the negativity you generated on the previous post got accidentally deleted and now we are just pretending it never happened? Well that is very nice for you I guess. For those who have never deleted a post from this board I will tell you it is difficult and does not happen while trying to reply to someone in a thread.
  5. Yes thank you Bobby. As usual you raise the bar for every other restaurant lake side
  6. Nice to see the former Ajijic Clinic has been rebranded as Hospital Ajijic and is getting a facelift. New facade, big plate glass doors, planting etc. Over the years I have had excellent care and even surgery in their operating room. I think they are poised to give the San Antonio Hospital a run for their money
  7. Hal


    Thank you Joe
  8. Hal


    Hi Bobby! I did not know you offered that. Actually I was craving a Lamb dinner but that Lamb Burger sounds good. I will check it out. Thank you
  9. Hal


    Restaurants I mean
  10. Hal


    Any recommendations on who Lakeside does Lamb?
  11. Hal


    The problem I always have with Paella is that the rice and peas get over cooked. Personally my favorite is at Bobby's la Terraza Gourmet ( http://laterrazaajijic.com/our-food/dinner-menu/ No extra notice or wait time. Which I assume means that it is not a traditional Paella, but it is the best I have had lakeside. Paella Bobby, saffron rice with chicken, sea bass mussels & shrimp with chorizo in a paprika tomato sauce with a touch of tequila …190 (and THAT includes an appetizer plate, soup and salad at that price). LOVE his new menu and dining concept
  12. Live Music is always a tight rope for a restaurant. I don't want to hijack this post but we were at one of our favorite restaurants last night that offers live music on Saturdays. The owner noticed a lot of his guest were requesting tables seated "as far from the band as possible". He got it and this week when we went I noticed the band was playing soft romantic music that made it pleasant and easy to talk and then later in the evening moved into more dance-able songs. I was impressed. BTW LOVE Purple Garlic Bro....what a great addition to lakeside food scene
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