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  1. Get your tickets from the Legion Bar or Board Member - NOT MANY LEFT NOW.
  2. Check regularly so you don't miss any upcoming events. http://chapalalegionpost7.com/calendar/
  3. It came to our attention that we could use a defibrillator as the success rate between manual compressions and using a defibrillator is the difference between 20% and 80%. Therefore we are raising funds to purchase one for the Legion. Cost is approximately $US 1,200. Our first fundraiser will be at the Memorial Day festivities at the Legion as part of the 50/50 draw - all purchases and donations will be extremely helpful. Keep posted for further fundraiser such as bake sales, etc.
  4. Come in and see the newly rennovated kitchen - follow the link and view pictures. http://chapalalegionpost7.com/much-anticipated-renovations-underway/ Keep watching new Bar rennovations coming soon.
  5. Sign up on the greaseboard at the Legion. Check for the time.
  6. Post 7 has an in house professional masseuse for your convenience. Prices vary based on massage type. The sign up sheet for booking appointments is located in the library area. http://chapalalegionpost7.com/masseuse/
  7. Hi Allen, there are no eligibility requirements at the present time - all you need is your DD214. Please feel free to drop by the Legion and meet everyone.
  8. Monday: Shrimp Tuesday: Filet mignon Wednesday: Lasagna Thursday: Cordon Blue Friday Fish/Salmon Saturday: Tex Mex Tacos Sunday: Burgers & Hot Dogs
  9. Have you ever wondered what the requirements are to become a part of the American Legion? Here they are: American Legion Membership Requirements Auxilary Requirements Sons of the American Legion Requirements Social Volunteer Membership
  10. Check out of menus, prices and daily specials HERE.
  11. US Consulate Checklist Passports February, 2018 1. Proper form completed and signed 2. 2 photos 2”x2” or 5 x 5 cm. (NO GLASSES) 3. Bank checks payable to “United States Disbursing Officer” in Mexican pesos. There are no cash/card transactions. Bank checks in Pesos only form Banamex located at Av. Francisco I Madero 222, Col. Centro, 45900 Chapala, Jal., Mexico. Tel: 376 765 2271 . 4. Your old passport and one photo copy NO FIRST TIME APPLICATIONS ACCEPTED *Fees: (Exchange rate 19.00 MXP per 1 USD) DON’T SIGN OR WRITE ANYTHING ON THE CHECK Please don’t print your application in one page (use one sheet per page) Simple passport renewal $2,090 Pesos / 110 USD Form DS-82 Book and Card $2,660 Pesos / 140 USD Form DS-82 Renewal for age 15 and under $1995 Pesos / 105 USD Form DS-11 Lost or Stolen passport $2,565 Pesos / 135 USD Forms DS-64 & DS-11 Notary $950 Pesos / 50 USD per impression To notarize a document The applicant has to present an OFFICIAL AND CURRENT US or Mexican ID such as: -US Passport -US Driver License -Mexican Passport -Mexican Driver License -Mexican Voter Card (IFE)
  12. Get the US Visit dates for 2018 HERE. All visits are 9:30 - 10:30 a.m.
  13. The afternoon of April 14, the San Juan de los Lagos English class will be at the Legion to practice their English with expats. Please attend these students need our help.
  14. View the American Legion calendar for April 2018 see consulate visits, legion meetings, events and happenings. View the calendar HERE
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