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  1. Thanks for the link. I found another similar company also in the US. Symptoms include door lock malfunction, windshield washers, hard starting [monitor screen intermittent?]. A friend (NOB) who repairs these as well as vehicle computers & ABS modules suggested the cleaning would most likely fix the obvious problems.
  2. I've got the fuel pump adaptation already. There is a process to take the TIPM apart to get at the circuit board and clean the pins, then apply dielectric grease to the connections. That is the process I am looking for in a mechanic. If there is not one with experience, I'll do it myself. You are correct. They are expensive to replace.
  3. Has anyone experienced successful repair or cleaning of a TIPM by a local mechanic?
  4. Some on here. Some do not load or take longer than I waited. https://123tv.live/
  5. These cheap oximeters are often faulty (inaccurate) anyway and not worth purchasing. Even in 2 different hospitals where the portable units were used on me, I pointed out the inaccuracy and was proven correct when they were replaced by the one wired to a monitor.
  6. Paul; Would you mind posting or private message me, what medication which you got?
  7. This is correct (except maybe the triplicate thing). For the OP's information, Opiate narcotics are temporarily unavailable in Mexico. This may be cleared up this month. The senior doctor at Ajijic clinic is authorized to write these prescriptions, despite not being an anesthesiologist. If you cannot acquire opiate narcotics (e.g. morphine, codeine) you may purchase Tramadol wihout prescription which is an opioid - mu receptor binding medication but also blocks the re-uptake of serotonin so if you have a heart problem may not be great. It comes in 100 mg and 25 mg doses. Alternatively you can get Brospina without prescription which is a brand of buprenorphine, a synthetic opioid, however only the injectable form is presently available.
  8. First of all, I did not say 'long lines'. Secondly, yes a tracking app would allow people to arrive at the bus stop shortly prior to the arrival of the bus. Are you also against GPS apps?
  9. I cannot get on a bus but I see people waiting long times at the bus stops. It sounds like a great idea to me.
  10. http://www.lakechapalamoving.com/ Moved my stuff from Canada. Excellent service. Included storing for 2 or 3 months and assembly & setting up all my furniture.
  11. Cannot even find many common bolts, nuts, screws at local ferreterias which can be found at Home Depot .
  12. Anyone know a store with Revolution flea medication? Riberas Pet store does not have it.
  13. Don't open any emails if you do not know who they are from. They use them to load malware on your device to get your passwords, etc.
  14. Huh, that's unusual; for me anyway. I use paypal to transfer funds between countries and bank accounts as well as sell items quite consistently. Perhaps this is due to having a business account for many years. I confess to not really knowing what Mercadopago is, however I can hold a credit on Mercadolibre with the type of registration I initiated. If I had to do a live photo as they requested for the other registration, I simply would be unable and they would not have me as a customer. I presently have a complaint submitted to the ADA regarding the practices of some of the contracted ID verification companies which do not provide an alternative upload, besides live camera, to persons with disabilities, like a saved or scanned photo. Think Stephen Hawking being confronted with this.
  15. I have a ML account with no ID given as well as 3 Paypal accounts, one of them business with no ID ever submitted; only bank and credit card verification. When I first attempted to sign up with ML they tried getting me to download a photo from my laptop by allowing access but I have no functioning camera. I then spent an hour trying to cancel the process to no avail. I received no response to requested help. IMO ML is shooting themselves in the foot with this process, compared to using Paypal or purchasing on Amazon. They are also denying many customers who are arthritic or disabled, thus unable to do the photo upload. Thanks to advice from Natasha, I simply used another browser, hit the purchase now button, instead of registering first; then registered over again, paid at OXXO and got my purchase - no ID required.
  16. Is it still under warranty? If not and you do not need a B&S certified tech then you could ask Michael Merryman for the contact Pedro used. satelites2002@prodigy.net.mx Someone may have a better contact.
  17. For what it's worth, we service my diesel 7 KW generator ourselves; buy the oil at Autozone and get the filter from Amazon. With a propane rig there may be more to servicing like spark plug/wire replacement.
  18. Last year in November and 3 or 4 years prior. I could pick up a dropped utensil from my kitchen floor, however this last week or so, this isn't possible because my dog is too freaked out from the booms to complete this simple task. I did not even have to bring up the cohetes to anyone, as I only need hear the local rumors. Are you not the person who said I should leave Mexico, when I agreed with you about wages paid by Walmart, yet you thought I was arguing due to your misread?
  19. The booms are worse this year, in Ajijic than the past 5 years. One reason is the sale to inebriated youth, as the OP mentioned. There are some pissed off Mexican families over this.
  20. I flew recently on Alaska Airlines with wheelchair and service dog. Alaska air requested a Department of Transport certificate for the dog which I easily acquired online. She rode with me in the aircraft. Not once did anyone request her health certificate nor vaccination schedule but I had them ready.
  21. I use geckos and mantids. and the JR gets the cockroaches.
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