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  1. Blessings upon you Tom, for this information. When they say 10% deductible, is that 10% of the repair cost? For windsheild repair, is that a comprehesive with nominal payment or also 10% deductible?
  2. Yes but not close to either. I guess Rick removed his post saying west of Yves which I was adding to. So my number for the lot is 200 and her office is the next wide door entrance.
  3. Not next to Blue Rose. It is right next to (west) a lot with a sign; Un Paso A La Vez; This is my rental lot where we make living soil/compost. To enter Justna's office go along the hallway to the left. She is a very nice person.
  4. Maybe not a great decision but after dealing with Parker for 2 years I was quoted 2K less for identical coverage from ANA. Following that, I realized that it would only take auto theft or a huge accident to benefit from the collision coverage, so I downgraded to basic coverage with a top up for 3rd parties injured/damaged. Now I pay 1/4 the annual premium and if we break down we phone the tow truck direct. This is similar to the insurance I used in Canada for 45 years.
  5. I heard that walking/dancing with dogs keeps one young.
  6. If it is a photo, you can copy and paste.
  7. It actually began as a joke. On my property, I discontinued all poisons and I've got some interesting creatures now, like mantids and geckos, spiders and other natural insect predators. I would not wish to harm bees and birds, which even organic pesticides can.
  8. need a bearded dragon or Jack Russel or cat for those.
  9. I've got a few generations hanging out now. A newly hatched one stayed on the kitchen window sill for 2 days, eating the tiny ants that come in through the cracks. It was entertaining.
  10. House geckos https://djanthonyb.medium.com/common-house-gecko-pet-or-pest-27663e49472f#:~:text=Despite being considered an โ€œinvasive,of bugs to feed off.
  11. If I am not mistaken, you may need to find out from the website where the forum platform was downloaded from. I do not see this on 2 other forums but they have paid platforms/software. EDIT: Okay now by scrolling down I see Invision may be the platform. There may be better - could check here https://www.phpbb.com/ but I know from experience, migrating a forum is not fun.
  12. One can pay a small fee to a bot farm to harass/attack a forum website, if they wish to cause turmoil. It will likely require a CAPTCHA or software to stop it.
  13. If you know the antibiotic you need, you can usually purchase it without a prescription at small farmacias.
  14. Coming from a bot farm? Anyone angry at the forum?๐Ÿ˜Œ
  15. Interesting as most quadriplegics and many disabled people cannot reach to hang the card, so do sling it on the dashboard. A policeman in Canada or US is open to a reprimand for not looking there. Power to the people.๐Ÿ˜Ž
  16. I ride mine, for mobility, which is similar on the bike path. It is narrower than the electric and pedal trikes being ridden on the bike path. My charge lasts all day and I can travel about 10 miles but only goes 12 or 13 mph. Seems odd that they say the charge lasts only 4 hours.
  17. I discovered the lab about 18 months ago and they were offering this testing. I wanted to get some of the local red volcanic rock (pumice) tested for heavy metals and minerals but could not justify their price. I was licensed in BC to grow medicinal for research and for 2 individuals with illness. Prior to that my farm produced commercial 100% naturally grown medicinal cannabis for the first major medicinal dispensary in Canada. This was done within the strictures of 2 registered nonprofits, however it was in the days of pseudo-legality. So far as I know our farm was the first in North America to commercially grow 100% naturally (hyper organic) I love Saltspring. I resided for a short duration on North Pender. I've traveled by boat all over those waters.
  18. Natural plant held CBD (full spectrum) is of a higher quality (in my opinion IMO), than extracted and isolated CBD. Virtually all CBD is derived from hemp. As a researcher I'm a stickler about word use. In the industry the word extraction is used to describe the basic making of an oil containing the naturally existent cannabinoids in the plant material (full spectrum). Some producers further chemically isolate (separate) the cannabinoids. Thus, one can get a product containing only CBD, etc. In my world I describe this extraction process as 'making' oil and the isolation process as extraction. The easiest, safest (IMO) method to make oil is distillation using 96 to 99% ethanal (alcohol). The alcohol is collected and does not remain in the oil made. It can be used over and over. CO2 methods of making oil requires more specialized equipment which exerts pressure. It is of equal quality and as far as I know the liquid CO2 can be re-used. It is slightly dangerous, as there is a possibility of explosion. There are many methods of making oil or removing the trichomes (structures containing cannabinoids) from the plant material. When in Canada I conducted a breeding trial of 2 cultivars of hemp to produce a stronger ratio of CBD to THC (almost none). Lab testing there was much more reasonably priced than it is here. https://agqlabs.mx/analisis-de-canamo/ (GDL location)
  19. There is a lab in GDL which tests cannabis products and everything else under the sun. One issue with producing CBD in Mexico is the photoperiod (daylight length). All present cultivars of high CBD > Low THC plants are acclimatized to 17+ hours of daylight to grow. This means having to use artificial lighting to grow the plants through the vegetation cycle, prior to flower set. The only way, otherwise is to extract CBD (expensive) and then distill it in alcohol which is financially prohibitive. If someone says they have Latin American produced CBD oil - probably not.
  20. I do not know Pat Lowrie nor any dog park but that sounds like the place. I only know Rajeno from talking some but your description sounds like the best wrangler I had. ๐Ÿ˜Ž
  21. I ran therapeutic riding/adventure riding for disabled and abled kids and young adults for 20 years but am too gibbled up to do it now. There are some awesome horse guys around. Rahino is a wild guy sometimes but knows horses and could be convinced to help. Others I don't know by name. It looks like there are some good horse handlers beside the sewage treatment behind Walmart and I thought I saw a Percheron there. Perfect breed for that.
  22. Maybe a start could be just visiting with the donkeys at Yves Restaurant or the farm at San Nicolas or the horse line in La Floresta. At one time I worked with 'special' kids grooming horses. Just being around them, brushing, petting, giving them treats has a very grounding effect. One non-verbal young lad labelled autistic who came to visit us had a propensity to wild outbursts and self harm but sitting up on our babysitter Belgian he became as calm as can be.
  23. Just be aware to use a Canadian or US or UK - EU address when registering. I believe they closed membership to MXN only, residential addresses.
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