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  1. Ginecologist reliable doctor at nueva galicia clinic. Adress: Juarez 563 Chapala behind principal market appointments at : 3313591051 alvaro.alexis.marquez@gmail.com canela04@hotmail.com
  2. Name : Alvaro Moya Adress: Juarez 563 Chapala Jalisco Age: 34 Nationality: venezuelan All papers in rule. Disponibility to travel, tours, costco, Personal assitant, house and pet sitter, logistic to bring and send things, and take care of repare issues in home . Available car Duster 2019 contact info: alvaro.alexis.marquez@gmail.com celphone number: 3313591051 to dial from us or canada number dial this code first(00521)
  3. i can help my contact is : dialing from usa or canada celphone 005213313591051 dialing from telcel only 3313591051
  4. Hello there cruz, I recomend to you call Alejandro Moya ; Ho is tramatology doctor in one of the best hospitals in Guadalajara HOSPITAL SAN JAVIER. He can help to solve any question about joint,hip,knee and of course the price, that of course is going to be a lot cheaper that in USA. And dont worry about call him , he know that i give his contact to american comunity on lake. This is his personal number dialing from us cellphone 005213314577668 dialing from mexico cellphone: 3314577668 dialing from mexico home phone: 0453314577668 Forgot to mention he speak english. hope this informatio be helpfull to you .
  5. This is a recomendation. hope be usefull I had to delete your rental property post. This is the second time I have had to do this with you Mod5 Please check the rental posting rules. This rule was written in 2011 NO rental ads for local properties, period. We'll continue to allow limited posted of short term vacation rentals out of the area, such as at the beach or mountains but no more rental ads for houses or apartments lakeside. Please feel free to post requests for rentals if you are looking for a place to rent. Ask the person to PM you with their offering. Make sure you post where you want it, how big and other amenities, and what you'd like to pay for it. Additionally, recommendations, advertisements and complaints about specific property managers are also not allowed. Ask people to PM you with their opinions. Violations will be immediately deleted. Second violations, poster is permanently blocked. Thanks for your cooperation. I will count this as your first violation this time. But please do not do this again, Mod5.
  6. Hello there i do the service , of translate , personal asistant , shop in costco or gdl (i have car) if anyone need my service please send me a mesage inbox or to this contact Alvaro Alexis cel.3313591051
  7. hello there my name is alvaro moya , I do this service for a few clients here, charge 1000 all the trip , and the lesson of spanish is free . contact number 3313591051 Have a happy day.
  8. Good morning if anybody can help me i will be gratefull, please contac me if you know a cleaning lady for my house at least 3 days a week .
  9. Dr Alejandro Moya Traumatologist graduate in Universidad Autonoma de Guadalajara expert on joints replacement of knee and hip replacement also work with rich platelets plasma and acid hialuronic he speak english. number of contact 0052-13314577668
  10. Dr Alejandro Moya Traumatologist exelent doctor specialist on hip,knee replacement contact number 00521-3314577668 good luck.
  11. Dr Alejandro Marquez he is traumatologist and work with plasma and hialuronic acid , on every kind of bone joints and replacement to. he is working on guadalajara but can be at home to. he speak an exelent english the number of contact is 00521-3314577668
  12. I recomend you talk with Kassandra A King , she is an alzheimers expert and guidance working in the area for people in this condition, you can find her in lake chapala society. good luck on you project..
  13. Dr alejandro moya see in Hospital san javier in guadalajara , they are the best in city. contact number: 3314577668
  14. Hello there this is the place where you can find organic products made in there. Canadian Style Natural Foods . -Kefir cheese (queso refinado) -organic dill pickles(pepinillos) -Ghee (mantequilla refinada) -Ginger Beer (cerveza de gengibre) -Turmeric tonic(infusion antioxidante de raíz de Naranjo,gengibre,agua de coco especias,limón zanahoria y miel) -Raw Sauerkraut (Col Fermentada) -Peanut butter (mantequilla de cacahuate) Dirección: 8-b, Carr Jocotepec-chapala, 45920 Ajijic, Jal. Horario: Abierto ⋅ Horario de cierre: 16   . . Teléfono: 01 33 1094 3275
  15. Joses place I the market is the best place delicious ? food 100%recomended
  16. Soy de Venezuela y tengo 33 años en mi tiempo libre me gusta hacer un poco de tenis, kayak, caminar a la montaña, hacer karaoke?, me encanta cocinar, tal vez podamos cambiar los precios, un poco de pesca ?. Toco la guitarra y ? el tambor. Me gusta hacer nuevos amigos y aprender nuevos tings. Mi trabajo: hago asistencia personal para los estadounidenses, Howse y mascotas, súper, consejos para el estado real, masajes deportivos y relajantes, ayuda para ir a Costco o cualquier otro lugar en Guadalajara, organizo tours a lugares touristic if you need some of this services I am happy to help My contact :005213313591051 mail: alvaro.alexis.marquez@gmail.com
  17. Doctor Alfredo Moya is in clinica nueva galicia in chapala Phone number to make apoiments are: 376-7652400 He is a good handsome and profesional doctor; And the best- speak inglish!!
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