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  1. I can’t thank you all enough. I was looking for the truth, good and bad, his health and safety are paramount. I will visit this Spring and hope I can meet a few of you. Bless you all for taking the time to share your thoughts.
  2. You guys are awesome, thank you! I plan to visit, not too long as I have a job that doesnt offer vacation but I will make several trips and try to meet as many people as possble. Thank you for taking the time to write back. Its greatly apppreciated ?
  3. Amazing question which I’ve asked him. He expresses despondency when I speak to him. He is remote from friends and family and the weather in Canada limits his mobility. He is incredibly social and while his sons are in Canada, they have demanding jobs and he lives quite far away from them, its all he could afford. I live abroad for work myself. I would have moved him into a retirement community (to assist with social access) in Canada but it is just too expensive. He likely has another 20 years ahead of him but a stroke limited him of his complex cognitive skills therefore I’m trying to help provide him with some viable options. The winters are quite draining on him.
  4. Loved the question starting this post... seems to have drifted from the inital topic though ? I found this board while researching retimement location options. Criteria: affordable, safe, access to quality healthcare, moderately warm to hot temps. After learning of Lake Chapala, I realized I could provide my father with a retirement living option (he’s in Canada). But if I’m going to help him relocate, its crutial that I learn everything I can about living in that area for seniors. Anyone care to share their thoughts about living there?
  5. Good morning!! I have been researching my father’s future retirement location and Lake Chapala just seems right from what I’m reading. I was wondering if all the amazing people that have already moved there would be willing to connect and help me. He is Canadian and a wonderful joyful person. I so dearly want him to be happy and safe ?. If I help him relocate (I would follow in several years) I need to make sure I am choosing the right place. Have y’all found resources to understand; immigration requirements, government pension limitations, healthcare resources? I would love to visit Spring of 2018 and meet some of y’all.
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