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  1. Wow Tom thanks...12/day...maybe ill just live there haha! Ill check that out..good advice mate.
  2. thanks ...i figured it would be prime season unfortunately and staying in a cheap hotel for a month is acceptable for me until I find a place.
  3. Ya I know some these things all too well. I should emphasize that I have lived in Mexico for 4 years and been through the process of hiring people that dont complete a job. I'll be doing a little recon in December to survey some apartments before I rent. I was surprised to not see much posted online for it being an expat area. Was just hoping to maybe hear someone had a friend of a friend kind of thing. Thanks for everyone's help, I got a couple leads through pms and hope to meet some of ya in December or January. I will most likely be living there long term I hope!
  4. Well to compare I used to live on the beach in Mazatlan in a fully furnished apartment with everything included for 8000 pesos a month. I think thats a phenomenal price. I prefer furnished. I could get by in a very small apartment, even 1 bedroom. No pets. And thanks for the advice guys, I haven't ruled out Chapala and Id probably rent from a Mexican over a gringo...no offense my friends haha but usually they offer better prices. And Id prefer to live in more of a "mexican" area... Thanks again for the tips.
  5. Hey everyone, New guy here. I'm interested in moving to Ajijic or at least the area. Was hoping to find some advice on cheap places to rent. We will be coming down to survey the area but I think its the place we want to move to. Any advice or direction is great. Feel free to pm me if you wish. Also its nice to meet you all. I've been lurking for some time and excited to join the community.
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