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  1. It turns out I was able to get in contact with Manuel Sotomayor who was recommended by someone on this site, and he came to tune our piano last Sunday. He does excellent work and is reasonably priced. He can come to Ajijic on weekends and his contact info is still 33 1084 7961. In 7 months or so when we do another tuning I would be happy to share a tuning trip with others, I am going to give my phone # 376 766 2563, because i have a really hard time logging onto this website for some reason.
  2. Does anyone know about piano tuners coming to Ajijic from Guad for group visits and if there is a ongoing schedule for this that anyone is a part of? Does anyone know the general price range they are currently charging?
  3. I was wondering what some of the current price ranges are for any of these three--Manuel, Ernesto, and Roy; and does anyone know the next time they may be in town for a group tuning/or what the schedule is to be included on a multiple customer visit?
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