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  1. I discovered to my horror that I was 4 days late for renewing my temporary resident Visa. I rushed to immigration in Chapala and was told that all I could do was either return to the US A and start all over again or go through a very lengthy paper process in Mexico. The woman at immigration suggested I go back to the States as it would be easier. I really cannot go back to the States for a number of personal reasons, including that someone I care about very much really needs my help right now. I have read through all of the information on this topic and cannot locate an answer to the following questions: Has anyone been through this situation recently and, if so, how did you resolve it? Is working with a lawyer to get one's Visa back on track expensive? If so how expensive? If one goes for the return to the United States option, how long would it take at a local consulate to file for a resolution of this problem? What is the punishment if a person is caught with an expired Visa? Does this lead to deportation, incarceration, a fine, and or the inability to leave Mexico and then return at some point in the future? Before I see a lawyer for help, I want to be as informed as possible Thanks for any information you can provide.
  2. I just heaved a sigh so deep that you may have heard it above the general din. Thanks, Angus!
  3. I have now heard that you have to file for securidad popular within a certain period after you get your temporal. Say it isn’t so!!! Thanks for this eye opening and nerve shattering exchange!
  4. I have a visa temporal which Spencer helped me to get. I assume I am ok for seguridad popular. Thanks.
  5. Thanks for your responses. What does CURP stand for/mean? Thanks!
  6. So sorry to hear about these unpleasant experiences. I wonder if the office in San Antonio or San Antonio would be less stressful. I was told that since you cannot get a passport without a birth certificate, that document is no longer required. Does anyone know if that is the case? I’m not sure I would be able to get a copy of mine very easily from here. Thanks to everyone for your help!
  7. Thank you so much you are always such a wealth of information and so generous with your knowledge. I know there is an office in San Antonio Will they require my Birth certificate? Talk about an Ancient document!
  8. Can a foreigner with her first temporary resident status card still apply for seguridad popular? There seem to be two schools of thought about this. What is the current list of required documents you must present. Thank you!
  9. Hi Rony,

    I discovered you through Xena (or Zena) who has been very helpful.

    My elderly aunt is at Mi Casita in San Antonio. I have to be in Guadalajara because I could find nothing in Chapala for two reasons: the season and my cat. 

    It takes me 4 hours to visit my aunt because I don't own a car. 

    I am looking for a long-term rental and can afford the equivalent of $500 or $500 (with utilities). I read here that getting an unfurnished apt. can be a nightmare because furniture is slow to be delivered. I am open to furnished or unfurnished.

    It is so generous of you to help the way you do. I can't believe how helpful people are on these forums! Very uplifting!

    Although I have paid rent through February in Guadalajara, I think my host, who is very kind, would let me leave earlier if something became available in Chapala. He is aware of my situation.

    Many thanks in advance for whatever you can advise!







    1. marmorado


      Oops - I meant $550 with utilities included.


  10. Lovely happy ending! I have a question: My cat has a microchip with AKC Reunite. I am guessing this will be relatively useless in Chapala yet I heard that Mexico has a microchip program. Does anyone know about this? Thanks.
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