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  1. We are making our second exploratory trip to Ajijic in the middle of March for 4 weeks. I was hoping to rent some bicycles this time. I searched web board and only found some posts from 4 years ago. Any recommendations? Marc Miller
  2. Who did you rent from and how did things turn out? We will be coming in the middle of March for 4 weeks and want to rent a car for a couple of weeks.
  3. We plan on moving to Lakeside next summer and come in on a tourist visa. How long can we keep the car in Mexico? If we leave Mexico to go to Panama or Costa Rica, in the 1st 6 months will we have problems with immigration? The plan is likely to drive to Lakeside with our animals (2 cats) and as little stuff as possible. We will then return to the U.S. sell the car (2015 Subaru Outback) and start making decisions on what is next.
  4. My parents were nearly 40 when I was born. Which for the mid 1950s was highly unusual. I went through reverse parenting my parents in my late 30s. You just do not know where you will be in 20 years and how this will effect your spouse or your children. My parents made some unusual choices that were made to reduce the burden on others when they got unable to manage their affairs. When my wife becomes medicare eligible in less than 2 years, we will likely sign her up.
  5. Still catching on to the acronyms on this forum. 8^)) I really appreciate everyone's willingness to share their experiences. It is quite refreshing!
  6. Can you give me a rough idea of how much it cost? Are we talking thousands, tens of thousands, one hundred thousand, multiple hundreds of thousands ,.... I do not mean to pry but just trying to put this into perspective. We were looking at moving to Cuenca Ecuador and when I would read on various websites about people's experiences with insurance and healthcare, there were those who chose to move there and those that had to move there to survive. There was one couple living on $1200 a month SSI check, were on the state health insurance and had moved to Ecuador out of necessity. This couples view of the world was very different than those who chose to move there and were not so stretched financially. The Ecuadorian health system was very slow, inconsistent with the level of care and bureaucratic. This created a lot of stress for the couple that you had to put in context to the rest of their situation. Manana in Ecuador does not mean tomorrow but not today.
  7. My wife is 20 months from Medicare eligibility and you are correct the penalty for not signing up for Medicare at 65 is pretty severe. I am 61 and 3.5 years from Medicare eligibility.
  8. I am quite healthy. My wife has a number of conditions that are very inexpensive to treat. Thanks for your advice I really do appreciate everyone who has been helping us. One option is to self-insure for a while. We are doing that for long-term care. We are setting aside money every year in a segregated account for long-term care planning.
  9. If we become a full-time expat in Ajijic, how does the ACA mandate that we have health insurance in the U.S. affect us? I am 61 and my wife is 63 and our health insurance costs are exploding. Read this article http://money.cnn.com/2017/11/09/news/economy/obamacare-early-retirees/index.html Our plan is to become expats in 2018. Any advice is most welcome.
  10. In searching through past posts I found Dr. Santiago Hernandez would be someone good to see for my wife's low thyroid. My wife also has adrenal insufficiency (her adrenal glands have largely shut down) and I have not found much around this on this board. There was a string of posts back in 2013 that recommended: Alberto Solano Sanchez, F.A.C.P. Fellow American College of Physicians Medicina Interna, Endocrinologia y Diabetes Tarascos 3426 In Front of Hospital Del Carmen Guadalajara Frac. Monraz ------------------- I also found this string Can anyone add anything to this?
  11. It looks like we will be moving to Ajijic area in 2018. The last post is 4.5 years ago. Can anyone update what they have found?
  12. It looks like we will be moving to Ajijic in 2018. What has been the alternative to Armour Thyroid that people have found that works for them?
  13. Thanks, I will search through past recommendations.
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