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  1. Even more interesting when at sea in a 43ft sloop. We kept a constant eye on the wx & seldom got caught.
  2. Tianguis San Juan Evangelista on lago cajititlan
  3. fishcake

    Cafe Magana

    Can anyone remember the name of the owner of Cafe Magana?
  4. 1 key with nail clippers on ring. 5 de Mayo Ajijic.
  5. That is not how CFE works. Our grid includes Independencia & Aquilles Serdan but not Juarez which is the next block north or Independencia east. It is all computerized.
  6. I am 5 de Mayo near malecon. No power. Anyone else?
  7. Saturday it took me 2 1/2 hrs from Ajijic centro to Puerto Hierro. Good thing I gave myself an extra hr +.
  8. Many sirens at 07.50. Any know what's happening.
  9. May I suggest you research what a "third world country " is before you use tje term.
  10. Great take home dinners from Manix. We will have another meal tomorrow. Absolutely delish.
  11. I do not see on their website where toI did call in & given report #.
  12. I looked up sunspots & auroras activity. There have been solar storms the last few days, " a prolonged period of moderate southward directed magnetic field " " there is a coronal hole that has moved to the center of the sun facing earth so in a few days we might see another impulsive ramp up from slow to fast solar winds" storm G2 was happening last night. Right now all Ch. are working fine but did not early this morning.
  13. 4 dinner plates hit the dust. If you are doing a project i will not toss the pieces r
  14. fishcake


    I cannot find Sarten on their website. Please help Gracias
  15. Have a friend on Gallo Gonzales who needs better tv How is Ilox in that area? Gracias
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