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  1. 52 minutes ago, Nikalos Telsa said:

    Never say "Never."

    I have had it happen occasional at WM and Soeiana.

    I once stupidly walked away leavine $2,000.00 cash back. Came back 30-minutes later with no proof. The manager ran the register against the cash in the drawer, made an apology and gave me the $2,000.00

    That's honesty.

    What did you pay with that would give you 2000 pesos change?

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  2. My app for Constancia worked fine & I have received the 2 pages without a problem.  Now working on other ones using Professional License as ID,  just as I did for mine, it will not let me do both sides of my Res Perm card PDF photo.  It wants to continue to voice section. Anyone else having this problem?

  3. 4 hours ago, sm1mex said:

    To get a valid password the entire process needs to be carried out on the SAT website which takes about 30 minutes. Then an email is sent to get a password. Then the password has to be retrieved and then entered with SAT. 

    Ok.  I have rec my 2 page Cedula  but having problems with password.

  4. 10 hours ago, Floradude said:

    This interesting.  I do not have two pages with my CFE bill but if you are all calling the back of the bill of page 2 I do not find anything of what could be a QR code.  The back of mine is a history of my usage and a lot of advertising.    On the front is a barcode at the bottom with two rows of numbers, neither of which is my RFC code.  For those of you who do have your RFC number somewhere.  Is it listed as RFC, or you just recognize your number?



    I have no page 2.  There is no QR on back on #1

  5. 22 minutes ago, Jim Bowie said:
    What happens if a palmetto bug bites you?
    Image result for can palmetto bugs bite you
    Although they may seem scary, palmetto bugs do not pose an immediate danger. They rarely ever bite people. Palmetto bug bites are not serious or painful, but may leave a small, red mark. These pests can contaminate your food with bacteria such as salmonella because of their tendency to hide in unsanitary areas.
    Always remember fish, ICE is your best friend for ANY bite(after you have washed it with soap and water to get rid of the bacteria) and the quicker you get it on the faster it works to help you.

    Apparently the author has never been bitten.  Do not believe everything you read Jim.  Even Mr Google makes mistakes

  6. 3 hours ago, HoneyBee said:

    My dad was a member of the "Academie du CEP". Am guessing the wine cellar probably had over 3000 bottles. Up until my 40th birthday I always had a bottle of Saint Emilion 1957 (year of birth). I no longer drink much wine since I was spoiled when living in Switzerland. Forgot to mention French cuisine, probably the best on this planet. (Traveled a lot in France with the guide Michelin 😊).

    Thanks. enjoy your input.

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