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  1. Need everything as have renters ready to move in
  2. 3000 sq ft. Just finishing building in gated comm. In upper Ajijic
  3. During this/next month need to furnish large home (for rental) with decent furniture. Will consider entire household if acceptable. Please feel free to msg me.
  4. My app for Constancia worked fine & I have received the 2 pages without a problem. Now working on other ones using Professional License as ID, just as I did for mine, it will not let me do both sides of my Res Perm card PDF photo. It wants to continue to voice section. Anyone else having this problem?
  5. Ok. I have rec my 2 page Cedula but having problems with password.
  6. I have seen some Cedula de Identificion Fiscal that were obtained without password or signature. Anyone know the website I could go to to get this?
  7. I usually do plant from seed. I just wanted a head start on my Huerta box. I have often seen chard at viveros, just wanted to know where someone might have seen it this week.
  8. Has anyone seen acelga plants at a vivero lately?
  9. I have no page 2. There is no QR on back on #1
  10. Please tell me the average real estate sales commission on selling/buying a house in Ajijic area.
  11. fishcake

    El Charro

    They are closed. What is happening?
  12. I am seeing a few lights but wondering how large the outage is. Started as a brown out late last evening
  13. Considering teeth whitening. Interested in your comments re: method & dental recommendations Gracias
  14. I am in France & their socialized medicine gives free medical to all residents AND visitors so insurance was not necessary .
  15. Apparently the author has never been bitten. Do not believe everything you read Jim. Even Mr Google makes mistakes
  16. Yes Jim. Definitely a large cockroach. I have had them around me all my life. In Fl we called them Palmetto bugs. Never had one bite me though.
  17. Yes, pain is easing but wow it hurt, still does 15 min later. I have been around cockroaches for many years & never afraid to pick one up. Will be more careful in future.
  18. Just going to bed & large (palmetto) cochroach on my screen. I picked it off to toss outside & it bit/ stung me ... wow it hurts. Never had this happen before & I am not afraid of bugs. Any advise re bite?????
  19. Definitely not free. I'll let you know in a month
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