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  1. Thanks for all our comments. I have a lot to chew on.
  2. I am looking for a customs agent that deals with importing cars Lakeside or in Guadalajara. My car is 20 years old so the import duty should not be too high.
  3. Thanks all. My neighbor brought the cat to Hector the vet in Ajijic who will find a home for the cat.
  4. Our neighbor has a pregnant outside her house. She has contacted the shelters, but no one is taking stray animals right now. Looking for suggestions as to what to do with the cat. She appears very friendly.
  5. Thanks Zeb, I will check it out. Anyone else have any suggestions?
  6. My wife and I have been using Nato Mail in Sarasota FL for 4 years and I have just learned that they went out of business 2 months ago. We have also used their address for certain documentation as we do not own a home and have no permanent residence. Now we are at a loss as to what to do. Nato Mail was charging us $100 a year plus postage for our forwarded mail. My question to forum people (non-homeowners, as you obviously would use your other home address) is what do you do about your US mail and address in the US? Thanks in advance - Sam
  7. The Telmex man finally showed up yesterday and got our service back to where it was. Unfortunately, he did something to the modem that makes the wifi unusable. Will need to go the the office to get another modem. I know about all the tricks with reseting and restarting the modem, but these did not work. At least I have usable service now.
  8. I have been to the Telmex office three times in the last week to report issues with my internet (it goes on an off and the speed has dropped to .40). Each time they have told me that a technician will be out the next day. Has not happened yet. Anyone else experience this kind of problem with Telmex? Were you able to solve it?
  9. Martin 33-314-053-3189 speaks English.
  10. I wonder how many people have dented the inside of the roof with their head by hitting the topes .
  11. Be careful. The small topes have been replaced by asphalt and have not been painted. I wonder how many people have now hit their heads on the roof inside their cars?
  12. Victor the man at the gas station does not like them either and does not know who put them in.
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