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  1. Is there a place in Chapala to renew my Drivers license?
  2. We sold ours here to friends moving back to Texas. They had the title and had not trouble replating the car.
  3. I bought sod from the nursery behind Ajijic clinic. He delivers and installs.
  4. He said he was no longer cutting hair. My guess is his rent was raised. The bike shop next door is expanding.
  5. So here i go again. The nose is getting worse. I feel sorry for the dogs.
  6. Store is mountain side on the road to Mescala. About a mile down from Pepe Guizar.
  7. The illegal evento went till 4 in the morning of 16 sept. Dogs are still going all night.
  8. Used Roberts twice no problems. Half the price of yes body shop.
  9. Road behind the Oxxo on the west end of Ajijic. Mountain side.
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