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  1. I have the heavy duty, thick screening material in the lower half of my screen doors and would like to have a dog door installed. I need a recommendation(s) and phone number of someone that could do this for me. Perhaps pictures of what you have so i can get an idea of what style will work best for me? Thanks for your help!
  2. Sorry RickS, didn't mean to puzzle or confuse anyone, just didn't know exactly what to call it. We did not file taxes in 2018 or 2019. We receive Social Security only and have direct deposit to US bank accounts. Today was the first time the IRS page gave us anything other than the can't process information message.
  3. Just checked the "get my payment" website, our Social Security stimulus will be deposited on 30 April.
  4. It is a HUGE brushfire northeast of Chula Vista Norte. It is not a controlled burn and the helicopters are now dumping buckets of water to try to tamp it down.
  5. Yeah it sucks. Hopefully if there is another stimulus package they will correct this terrible clause.
  6. If the couple files a joint tax return, one with a SSN and one with a TIN/ITIN, no one on that tax filing will receive the stimulus. The only exception to this is if one of the people (generally the head of the household) filing that joint tax form was active duty military. It is very easy to research this, simply google "mixed family status stimulus". It does not matter if you are a US citizen, live abroad or not, if anyone filing taxes on a single form does not have a SSN, the entire family on that form is ineligible.
  7. Unfortunately it is true. "Mixed Status" families are being excluded in this stimulus go around. If you and your spouse filed a joint tax return, you with a SSN and her with a TIN, the entire family is ineligible for the payment. If you haven't filed yet, only file for yourself and the kids (if they have SSN's). Hopefully they will correct this if there should be another stimulus package.
  8. But then there is this... https://www.hrblock.com/expat-tax-preparation/resource-center/tax-law-and-policy/coronavirus-stimulus-checks-faq/
  9. I can't say how many cars are being turned away. I was told by a friend that lives in Chapala Haciendas/Brisas and watches throughout the day, that often the people manning the "roadblocks" take extended breaks and cars do get through, but I believe the order is still in effect. https://www.informador.mx/jalisco/Por-pandemia-alcalde-de-Chapala-anuncia-cierre-para-turistas-20200412-0015.html
  10. Have you tried making the fitted mask? They fit so well you don't need anything to make them snug.
  11. Posted 10 minutes ago on a Facebook page regarding Superlake: "Everything in the store is buy 2 get the 3rd free, except dog food are buy 3 get the 4th free. They are closing on Friday."
  12. Totally agree computerguy... His name is Victor with Global Gas and I have used him alone for about 8 months now. He doesn't strike me as a "door knocker" kind of guy, but I could be wrong.
  13. I wondered too HoneyBee, but I had just had some put in 3 days ago. I am hoping he was being kind and thinking of us in this time of uncertainty. Ibarra, I use Global Gas, a guy named Victor. 331-399-0196
  14. So my gas guy just stopped by to let me know that come tomorrow, they will not be allowed to deliver. Based on everything I have read, propane gas for the house would fall under the essential category? Is this possible, or was he just trying to get me to top off?
  15. If you have a US Credit or Debit card, you can pay here too: https://www.telmexusa.com/en/Retail-Services/México-en-Línea℠/Pay-in-USA
  16. Hmmmm. I wouldn't say the author hates Ajijic. It is written well with accurate (and shared) observations of how the area has changed for the worse.
  17. Her place is right next to Darios Salon on Ocampo, on the corner, painted pink and black. She does speak english, but her assistant does not, either one of them might answer the phone.
  18. Nails by Lucy Baron 766 3836 closed mondays
  19. The last one we did was done at the street door and we did not let them onto the property or into the house, they were fine with it and we had no issues. Don't let them put the sticker on your door, that sticker/adhesive is the devil to get off! The census takers asked me to get a piece of saran wrap and they stuck the sticker to that and then used every day cellophane tape to stick it up and told me that I could remove it after 2 weeks. The sticker is just so they know that the house has already been counted.
  20. I believe he has opened the new place a couple of doors down, Cafe Libertad. Maybe start there?
  21. Yup. Just east of the main Glorieta on the south side in la Floresta and in front of HSBC on the north side of the Carretera.
  22. They don't generally take plates in Jalisco for infractions, but if you are involved in an accident or fender bender and don't stop, the victims, if they see you doing it, may follow you and take the plate.
  23. This morning they were in Riberas near the Container Restaurant. Flatbed truck loaded up with motorcycles, about 5 police vehicles, and orange cones in the road.
  24. FOUND AND BACK HOME! LOST DOG Escaped from home in Lower la Floresta. Last seen at 4:30 Wednesday. Female shepherd, named Che. Her mom and dad are worried sick, if you see her please call Norma at 333. 137. 0263. Che will come if called and she is a friendly girl but may be frightened. Her home is located on Paseo del Prado.
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