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  1. There is no phone line at this house, new construction. Will try to find out just how long a LONG time is. 5 mbps mentioned by computerguy would be ok, we can do without streaming. We sold our home nob in October 2016, have lived in our motorhome since then. We have friends in San Antonio and in Jocotopec. We like both areas. Riberas seems to check most of the boxes for us. I’m too old (70’s) to spend a lot of time deciding, and my wife needs to feel she’s in a place she can make her own. Time to take a few chances.
  2. Considering making an offer on a house in Riberas. House is on av de los riberas at the intersection with San Pablo. Anyone with experience near there? Have only been here a few weeks so know very little about the area. Would not want to buy in an area where we can’t get at least 2 mbps. thanks
  3. I'm a little (a lot?) confused. On google earth it looks like the macrolibramiento currently deadends at 23 (chapala hwy?), with only option to head several miles toward Guadalajara until you get to a flyover where you can head back to Chapala. Is this planned to change in October? Where is Lopez Mateos? we have a power monitor that blocks over or under voltage but will have to get and install the Mexican version that converts under or over voltage to correct voltage. Our coach is older, has a 38 degree wheel cut, takes a lot of room to make a turn. Will probably stick with Roca Azul at first, take a look at other options after we get there, see if we can fit. Will need one 100 gal fillup in Mexico, coach has a large (200 gal) tank. Toll fees are an unknown. If based on axles, have two on coach so guess fees would be about the same as two cars for our coach and toad. Will we be surprised? Thanks mike and molly
  4. In another post someone mentioned a new RV park has opened in Ajijic. Does anyone have a park name? Any contact info? Currently we plan to visit lakeside for 4 months this Winter in a 40' motorhome, expecting to stay at Roca Azul. If there are alternatives in Ajijic would like to know. Looks like Ajijic would be more central while we figure out if moving there would work for us. Thanks mike and molly
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