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  1. Lakeside 7…at this rate Lakeside must be ranked as one of the most polluted noise & exhaust fumes areas……as compared with ? A master plan… one of many classical failures…...Probably one of the most ridiculous statements ..even on this web board . If things are so bad perhaps you shouldn’t be here .
  2. Blanket generalizations without personal specific knowledge tend to be useless……just because you are unaware of relatively quiet neighborhoods does not mean they don’t existed…several of our friends live in them…
  3. Perhaps I should have said comparatively quiet by Mexican standards… Only Death brings perfect quiet…so maybe careful what you wish for…..
  4. There are many nice , quiet,safe neighborhoods Lakeside….why make comments like this when you don’t even live here ?
  5. Thank you Bandolier…I am having trouble reaching you… Our home phone is 334 302 9055.
  6. Thanks….found them at Panchos west this morning
  7. Usually just before thanksgiving no problem ….didn’t see any this weekend…..has everyone seen any ?
  8. I always preferred the food at El Jardin , plus the people watching….
  9. Carnivore….seems to me you’re not having much luck with dinner lately…..maybe it’s time you came to our house…providing of course you don’t write a review …promise no liver and fave beans .
  10. Sorry folks…well not really …but I prefer the livers of restaurants critics to be pan roasted with fave beans and a nice little Chianti…for obvious reasons…
  11. As my ancient grandma used to say ….if you’ve got nothing good to say maybe you shouldn’t say anything…..
  12. Ixora does not always do well here…it requires constant sunshine and moist non alkaline soil in order to bloom year round as it does in S Florida and at the coast here in Mexico. The temp should also never go below 60 f . But saying all that my neighbor here in las salvias has a clump that seems to do well ..it does however get direct sun from dawn til dusk .
  13. Also arrived back in early October…at Passport Control we were told by an English speaking agent that the FMM form was no longer being used…he returned them to us and said the passport stamp was all that was necessary…….this has also happened to several of our friends. The airlines do still however require the bottom section of the FMM form..( at the moment )
  14. Returned early October…Passport control..( English speaking ) told us…no longer using FMM….gave them back to us …indicated passport stamp only .
  15. My stereo receiver just bit the dust and I’m stuck with Alexa…at present we are in Bucerias , we will be back in Ajijicafter the weekend… I would love to have it if it’s still available on our return…Plus would be glad to make donation to thrift shop of your choice…Ian
  16. Always best Lakeside to call and make a reservation… We called last week and were told closes at six now, During the summer months. Restaurants here change opening hours, days of operation ….not to mention location at the drop of a sombrero. I can’t remember how many times over the last dozen years we have arrived to find a lock on the door… No more I let my fingers do the walking.
  17. Not to mention…the view…it was always great.
  18. It’s in the process of a “soft opening” according to the manager.. which is of course the only way to open… It can prevent so many problems.
  19. No sign…..No advertising….but one cannot get a table without a reservation….it’s full every time we’ve been….the reason great seafood at a reasonable price….real sushi style rolls …fresh tuna, unlike every other restaurant in town ,diver scallops….the list goes on ….just hope they can retain their consistency.
  20. The spiking energy costs in the UK have little or nothing to do with chasing zero emissions… The main cause is supply and demand just the same as inflation… the global pressures on the wholesale gas and oil spot markets due to the Russian situation and an increase in demand from the Asian market . The UK government energy price cap was raised in April due to import costs and will probably be raised again in October.
  21. Thank you… We lived in Florida for over 30 years including eight years in Miami and yes you’re right totally multicultural however before moving here 12 years ago we spent well over 20 years in Vero Beach. Vero Beach ( small beach town) Is still pretty much WASP ish . Getting an actual doctors appointment is tough due to the large number of retirees 6 to 8 weeks can be the norm, sometimes even for a referral . We would like to have gone with blood work results in hand to save time but that may now not be possible. We intend to set up a series of necessary doctors on our Medicare plan for any future problems.
  22. Hyperbole or whatever….( something doesn’t seem right ) does it not seem possible to you that I may have exhausted the normal appointment channels (catch 22 …do you know what means ) before l posted two simple questions …testing facilities that may have the capability of English results or a medical transalator .If you don’t have an answer…why answer …just STFU and do something useful…why waste both of our times.
  23. We can as you suggest manage ourselves….it’s our GP in Florida that wants it spelled out and due to catch 22 scheduling difficulties….we would like to take an accurate translated set of bloodwork’test results with us
  24. I seem to remember this subject being covered previously, however any new information would be helpful .Even any info on a medical transalator would be helpful .
  25. Just noticed yesterday that their new location ( one long block west of Yves ) looks to be up and running. I believe their food and service is one of the most consistent in town…The prices for what appears to be aged beef are also very reasonable .
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