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  1. Yes you can fly---but don't cry if you have any push back--you should talk to your friends for any advice if you have anybody--it's not about you--HA---I have an idea--do you know any tatoo removal people ?--It would make your life more less stressful---and this advise is free---HA
  2. Please leave your dirty laundry at home--where ever that is-?---HA
  3. Again with the flag ??--Please-- We are Mexicans--!!--Listen to your Presidente--Mexico is nuetral--This is the best President for Mexico in years--even if he is a socialist--!!
  4. Again--Please loose the flag--you are exposing yourself--- Just pain stupid--HA
  5. How juvenile-- now you want to compare tatoos ???--I'll show you mine if I show you yours--you should quit while you are still behind-----HA
  6. Tatoos ?--you are the marked one--nobody cares !
  7. You still don't get it !!! it doesn't matter and nobody cares--You are shouting in a dark empty room--The world will end by the end of this year--I've already said to much-- No Ha
  8. Snork on--!!--Nobody cares about this family affair--Have you ever hear about the Hatfields and the Macoys ??--This so called war is just a distraction --snork on--you being played Man !--HA--You gots to look at the bigger picture--sorry dude; I,m not going to hold your hand----HA--P. S.--loose the flag-dude--you are showing your dumbness--HA
  9. forced conservation--works every time---HA--
  10. Better than Tepic; Nayarit--water comes when it comes---HA
  11. Look at your flag--you are the wrong side of history--you should be loyal to Mexico--not Ukrain-
  12. upside world---Fox is milktoast--I go deeper into the truth--
  13. Yes the brainwashing is very powerful--Only a special few can see through the lies of socialism--which is nothing but a cult-!
  14. No conspiracy theories--just the facts--All that comes from the left is garbage--"everything"--
  15. You can't have your pudding if you don't eat your meat---HA
  16. Did I stutter--Pink Floyd--they saw the future--Amazing--!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Protect you children ! NO JAB---
  17. Yup --Mud girl--so gutteral--you are such an ugly person--inside and I bet outside--I pitty you---!!
  18. if you reproduced -- I would open up a go fund me account to help the poor child--get as far away from you as possible---!!
  19. OMG--you are so gutteral--that's the best you got ?--are you subhuman--?--I guess your name suits you " MUD"
  20. Simple--with the jab--"leave our kids alone "--the demons are out to get our kids--wake up people-One couple lost their two boys 3 and 5 to the jab-family wiped out--If that happened to me there would be payback !-- I mean payback--!--thank god i'm old and I escaped-so sad for all of the others-
  21. Pink floyd is still operating in the UK as of 2019--to save the children--Get up to date "mud"----HA---It's all about the children--the future of this human race--this wokeism will pass with great damage----I believe in the future and not the dead past ; like you--
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