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  1. that's the problem with labels--just another form of swear words--serve nobody--
  2. No doubt ---I'm from Comifornia--we really got a good dose of big gov't--and a Fascist economy-- since I escaped; my buying power has increased 4 fold--Leaving was the best move in my life-I've already am resolute that I will NEVER go back; and with all this covid nonsense ; I'm resolved to never to even visit--My only regrets is Round Table; Taco Bell; Jack in the Box; and ARBIES , my favorite--HA
  3. In plain english a nutbagger is someone who always asks "WHY" ????-- a real pain in the arse for someone who wants to get over on you--HA
  4. That will not be easy--usually conservatives are very rare and almost impossible to detect--they live in the shadows sort of like "Big Foot"---HA---I feel for you brother.
  5. well; we are speaking the kings English---HA
  6. I'll take that title---HA----A nutbar; I believe; is someone that does the research and comes up which is contrary to the herd lazy beliefs--that like to be fed and question nothing--
  7. My advice is to sell your car and move on--unless your sentimental value to the car is so great to put up with the mental abuse of the process--- My expierence is to move on ---life is too short-!!
  8. sorry--for participating--what will my punishment be----??-DEATH?--THANKYOU-!!--dear leaders--and comrads----HA
  9. If you have a good outcome; you got lucky compared to your friends--don't press your luck--move on---!!!
  10. Yes--logical--a lot of police presence--chasing that all mighty "PESO"--HA
  11. Less 500 pesos--so friendly when it comes to pesos---"follow the money"--another scam--60 years too late---HA
  12. Here it comes ; another hussle--I mean "cottage industry"---HA---how convinent--!
  13. Maybe--But I thinks--stupid is; is stupid does--Life is like a box of chocolates -you never know what new stupid you gonna get ---HA
  14. HA--like some people should not be allowed to have sharp objects--just pain stupid---HA
  15. What ? go to my house and "EMBARGO" me ?--that's the same as an home envsion--which by the way I have first hand expierence--I was arrested and sent to jail-- for telling the police to pound sand---12 hours after calling my lawyer I was released-----from the city jail of Puerto Vallarta--after paying those thieves mucho pesos--They transfered me to federal prison where I spent the night--My lawyer paid some more pesos to get me out-- the federally commented to me that I must be somebody--I replied--I am nobody ; but I have muchos pesos--Entonses I told that Federally since I'm nobody he is less than me--In other words just a common thief----HA
  16. Fines-? you must comply---Meaning more theft by gov't---they can't even organize the program--just be honest and go house to house and rob you-- which is called " EMBARGO"I see this--the program will fizzel and die--
  17. seems good to me--And how is this stunt suppose to be enforced ? My car had the #4 and I went to renew my registration -not a word of any smog cert- If one would enforce this smog-B.S. then enforce it--produce the cert. at the time of renewal----But NO--"no ticke no laundry"--what? roadside--checkpoints ?--they don't have enough tow trucks--AGAIN--another moron not thinking it through --I know--put a face diaper on the tailpipe--ahaa-- problem solved---HA
  18. No just another clown move by the goofy looking mayor of Jalisco---who would be El Presidente----HA
  19. After this covid fraud I don't trust any doctors or hospitals--THEY TOOK THE MONEY !!!!!!!!!!!!
  20. Please loose the flag--Nobody cares about Ukrain-- Not NATO;UE;USA; GERMANY;ETC.---It's just a distraction of the deep state----Putin is just finishing up some unfinished business--
  21. NOOOOO !!--He's a looser and he needs not be called out. !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!--I will call out anybody with their B.S.; and that includes you gringohombre--so you better smarten up -or you will find yourself in the same situation--Mexico is for Mexicans--not a bunch of wannibess----keep your dirty laundry in you own house- Especially Canadians--etc.--what a bunch of loosers !!!!!!!!!-Mejico is for Mexicanaans---HA--I am white and I've been accused of being more Mexican than Mexicans--And I accept that label with pride--All you's guys don't know who you are dealing with----HA
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