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  1. so the consumer gets screwed again--business as usual- socialism from a socialist---HA---well I've adapted---live in the dark and sweat in the summer--It's still better in Mexico than the United States----HA
  2. This sounds like a lot of inside baseball; of which I'm not privey --My question is; am I going to get a break on my cfe bill this summer ? Or is the little guy going to get it the neck again !!!!!-- HA
  3. Key word--fully vaccinated --Masks?--How about avoid the jab---Duuuuh---MUD ! The deaths are starting on a large scale--
  4. The Reforma Electrica didn't pass--we just dodged another bullet--These days ; nothing good can come from Gov't--
  5. It's like sleeping-- keep one eye open --the enemy is out there--I believe the #1 enemy is a uninformed public--
  6. Been in Vallarta for 15 years; no generator needed--
  7. These poor people are chasing the rabbit----HA-- Not me; Im just the ### hole I was born to be----HA--- As Nancy Regan said--Just said "NO"--!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! AS; Poncho said " I don't got to show you no stinkin badges "----HA
  8. DITTO--- I thinks the history of the Spaniards is coming out ----HA--I'm not hating on Spain--but yall know the history---HA
  9. Ditto---"let sleepng dogs lie"---HA
  10. Why are you people so compliant--This jab B.S. is mucking up the works--My advice is to go dark and not be bothered--the issue will go away--I don't understand why people are looking for problems ???---WIERD-
  11. I got a curp--what I think it is that you are" PROVEN TO BE" a resident of a particular city--Have I needed it inmy 15 years in PV ? ---NEVER--
  12. Well; I hate to be glib--But if anyone asks for it--you will get your education- If not forget about- it--I've been in PV now for 15 years and I was given a curp ;and haven't used it never-- I guess I'm NOOOOOOBODY---HA
  13. It's for somebody who wants to open a business ?--Maybe ? I was given a curp; but nobody has asked me for it--Do you know why???--Because I'm nobody--A retire--as Herr Klaus Shaub-says--" YOU WILL HAVE NOTHING AND BE HAPPY "--How poetic--!! That's me-- I have no car- no house, etc. -nothing-excep,t my SS-If the comis want it they can have it--BUT I do have money buried under the mongo tree-- HA--
  14. Not yet !--But anything is possible with these animals--And I appoligise to the animals---HA
  15. I got my curp 15 years ago--don't need another one--I ain't going to buy nothing--After all this world turmoil I've decided to go dark--I paid off all my credit cards-and only pay cash--cell phone stays at home--I only take my burner out of the house for emergencies --And yes-!! no jab for me--I'm a pure blood---HA-- And a little of medical advice--I need my wife--" and I want my wife"--she has high blood pressure--I told her " no jab for you"--I will protect you to my last breath-- I tease her and tell her--when I'm gone you will be known by family and friends as " THAT RICH BITCH"----HA
  16. Nothing new--changes in Mexico are constant--trying to keep up with the "Joneses" in first world--with no success .--like the smog mandates in Jalisco--all the cars tested; failed"" !-now what they are going to do ??--tow all cars in the state of Jalisco :??--I don't think's they have enough tow trucks---Mexico is a wanna be country , filled with a bunch of regular people that don't got the big bucks---!!!!--That's why I love Mejico--I can be invisible---HA-- " IT'S BETTER TO BE THE KING OF SLAVES; THAN A SLAVE OF KINGS"-- that's why I immigrated to Mexico--My life has never been better---HA P.S.--WOW--the smog program has gone dark----HA HA------!!!!!!!!! HA--I have proof; went to renew my tags--And I had the # 4 on my plate; for the smog mandate--nothing said and my tags were renewed----"case closed"--This gov. of Jalisco; wants to be El Presidente really bad---HA HA ---!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  17. One should think about moving to PV--Outages are not tolerated--There is big money here--Internet outages are not tolerated---Big money is here--HA
  18. Well ; MUD; since you spend soooo much time in the mud; who knows what you bring home----HA
  19. Wow; MUD, you are such a" spert"---HA
  20. What are people suppose to think--especially when living in bug infested tropics? There is nothing about being strange to err on the side of caution and have ones complaints checked out--
  21. sorry to inform you; but your request has been answered--so thanks for the request--this post now belongs to us !! You've been jacked-- we have things to contribute too---HA
  22. well; to be blunt; to answer your question; there are none--good luck with your search; but you will be very disappointed--
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